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Glove Manufacturers


The Huish Glove Company are known to have been active from at least 1924 (see Gallery) and into the early 1930s but were not listed in any of Yeovil's trade directories.

In 1927 they were signature, with other firms, to an agreement made with the Wholesale Textile Association

There is also a Sale Agreement at the Somerset Heritage Centre (DD\AY\336). "An Agreement made 17th March 1932 between Wm. Ewart Burnley on the one part and Percival Charles Ewens and Charles Thristle Pitcher both of Bridge Street Taunton, Glove Manufacturers .... the Vendor will sell etc. all that messuage or dwelling house with the outbuildings, yard and garden thereto belonging lately converted and used as a Glove Factory and being Number 7 Union Street, Yeovil which premises have until recently been occupied by Harry Cook and Evlyn Samuel Ewens trading in partnership as 'The Huish Glove Company'."

Evlyn Samuel Ewens was the youngest son of Edward Samuel Ewens.

Many thanks to Ted Ewens for supplying most of the above.

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A full page advertisement from the June 1924 edition of "The Glover" listing those local companies taking part in the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley - including Huish Glove Co.