Minor Theme - School Photographs

Minor Theme - School Photographs

Yeovil School Days


The following is a list of links to school photos - whole year photos, class photos, group photos, team photos and staff photos, generally before the 1980s. Because most are large images, each link opens a new page (and watch out for a horizontal scroll bar across the bottom of the page).

If you have a pre-1980s school photo to share, please contact me (see page bottom).



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I've been sent this photo asking if anyone can identify the school or anyone in the photo? It was taken by photographer FG Christopher of Crewkerne & Yeovil but with no other info. From the top left of the photo it appears the school is next door to a church and graveyard. From the schoolmistress' dress with 'leg of mutton' sleeves it would have been taken in the 1890s. Any ideas? Please contact me.