alexandra road

alexandra road

Off Lyde Road


At the time of the 1901 Ordnance Survey Alexandra Road had been planned and laid out (the northern two-thirds in a field named Little Hather Mead, the southern third in a field called Penny's Orchard) but, apart from a pre-existing building, probably a farm building down a track, had no buildings at all at this time.

The new road was named, in a flurry of patriotism, after the popular Princess Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925), photographed at left, the consort of King Edward VII. She was Queen Consort and Empress of India from 1901 to 1910.


The first houses to be built in the new road, photographed below, were constructed around 1910. 



The 1901 Ordnance Survey showing Alexandra Road top right of centre. Sydling's Lane to the north would eventually become Rosebery Avenue while the new road being laid out to the south would become St Michaels Road.




A colourised photograph of around 1965, showing the degreasing works at the northern end of Alexandra Road.


The terrace photographed here is located close to the southeast junction with Lyde Road. These were the first houses to be built in the road, around 1910. Photographed 2013.