Gloving in yeovil

WH Bicknell ltd

Leather Merchants of Middle Street


WH Bicknell Ltd were a 20th century company of leather merchants. They were based in Middle Street and were listed in the 1935 edition of Kelly's Directory. By the time of Kelly's Directory of 1970 the company were at the Allingham Works, St Michael's Avenue. (Thanks to Stella Trent for telling me that Bicknell Gardens now stands on the site.)

In 1972 the company were recorded as having 46 staff but closed shortly thereafter.

Thanks also to Ron Hilborne for telling me that WH Bicknell was the Band Master of the Salvation Army band and identifying him in the photograph below.

Nothing further is known at this time. Please contact me (see below) if you have any further information on this company.




Photographed on 19 July 1919, designated 'Peace Day' throughout Britain and the Empire, Yeovil's thanksgiving service was held in Wyndham Fields. At centre, in his canonicals, is Rev Herbert Cecil Sydenham, the Vicar of Yeovil, next to him in mayoral regalia is mayor William RE Mitchelmore, dubbed the 'Peace Mayor', and at far right is Mace Bearer Henry Jesty. In the foreground, facing the camera, is Salvation Army Band Master WH Bicknell (thanks to Ron Hilborne for identifying him).