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brunswick glove co

Glove Manufacturers of West Hendford


The Brunswick Glove Co was a small glove manufacturing company that started life in premises in Brunswick Street. The company was listed in Kelly's Directory of 1935 as glove manufacturers of Brunswick Street. The company was owned by a Mr Raymond.

However by the 1950s the company had moved premises and Edwin Snell's Directory of 1954 listed the company as glove manufacturers of West Hendford. Their last listing was in Foord's Directory of 1964.

Their small glove factory building still stands in West Hendford and is shown in a 1960s photograph below. The premises were converted to residential accommodation as shown in the second photograph below.

Nothing further is known at this time. Please contact me if you have any further information on this company.



The Brunswick Glove Co's glove factory in West Hendford is the white building with the car outside. The junction of Beer Street is seen at far left. Photographed in the 1960's. I remember this well as the photograph was taken from outside the front of my house.


The same building, somewhat altered, in 2013.