Gloving in yeovil

denner & vaughan ltd

Glove Manufacturers of Reckleford


Denner & Vaughan Ltd were a mid-20th century company of glove manufacturers. They were originally based in Preston Park Close and were advertising for staff there, certainly in 1950 when the advertisement illustrated below was published.

The company were listed as glove manufacturers of Preston Park Closein Edwin Snell's Directory of 1954 and Foord's Directory of 1964.

By 1968 they were listed as glove manufacturers of 23 Reckleford in the 1968 edition of Kelly's Directory, a listing repeated in Kelly's Directories until 1974.

In 1972 the company were recorded as having 35 staff but the company probably closed around the time the factory was demolished for the widening of Reckleford.

Nothing further is known at this time. Please contact me (see below) if you have any further information on this company.




An advertisements placed in the Western Gazette during December 1950. A brosser was a modified whipstitch.