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Samuel Raynes

Attorney of the Borough


Samuel Raynes was born in Lambeth, Surrey, in 1777 and baptised at St Mary at Lambeth church, Lambeth, on 27 November 1777. He was sixth of the nine children of banker Samuel Raynes (1745-1811) and his second wife Catherine Minnett (1750-1834). Samuel and Catherine's children were; Martha (1771-1771), Michael Minnett (1772-1852), John Thomas (b1774), Elizabeth Sophia (1775-1856), Francis (1776-1866), Samuel Junior, George (1779-1828), Catherine (b1784) and Mary Ann (1787-1854).

It appears that the family moved to Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, where Samuel the Elder became a partner in the Gainsborough Bank (the partnership was dissolved on 3 August 1799). On 1 February 1794, 16-year-old Samuel Raynes the Younger of Gainsborough, was tied for five years as an articled clerk to George Capes - with the agreement of Samuel Raynes the Elder, also of Gainsborough.

On 2 July 1810, at All Saints' church, Gainsborough, 32-year-old Samuel married 30-year-old Mary Hand. Samuel gave his occupation as an attorney. It is likely that Mary died within a few years of the marriage, since on 1 December 1818, at Lambeth St Mary, Surrey, 41-year-old Samuel married 38-year-old Mary Bailey. It is likely that they moved to Yeovil shortly after their marriage, since Pigot's Directory of both 1822 and 1824 listed Samuel as an Attorney of the Borough - his only listings in a Yeovil trade directory. There appear to be no children from either of Samuel's marriages.

It is not known when Samuel Raynes left Yeovil.

Samuel Raynes, of Terrace Walks, Bath,  died in Bath on 2 November 1840, aged 63, and was buried at St James' church, Bath, on 9 November 1840. The graveyard no longer exists and the area is now a park. There is no monument or inscription concerning Samuel Raynes.


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