education in yeovil

gentleman's boarding academy



In the 'Academies and Schools' section of Pigot's Directory of 1830 George Rossiter's "Gentleman's Boarding Academy" was listed at Mansion House.

George Rossiter was a member of the Yeovil Freemasonry Lodge of Brotherly Love, being initiated on 18 April 1826. He remained in the lodge certainly until 1834.

George was listed in the Yeovil poll books of 1832 and 1834 by virtue of being an "occupier of lands" in Kingston so, presumably, his academy was still active at this time although by 1841 Rossiter had moved on from Yeovil. Certainly by 1843 James Morse had opened his 'Classical, Mathematics, English, French and Commercial School' in Mansion House.




Mansion House photographed in 2013. The original house which housed George Rossiter's academy is at centre with a later nineteenth century addition to the right (Magnolia House) and an early twentieth century addition at left.