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1562 Will of Anne Pene aka Penny

of yvill


In the name of god amen in the yeare of our Lorde god a thousande fyve hundrethe threescore and ij [1562] And in the Seconde daie of Septembre I Anne pene of the parishe of yvill beinge parficte and sounde or memorie but sicke in bodie do this make my last will and testamente in manner and Forme as hereafter followethe Firste I bequeathe my soule to allmightie god And my bodie to be buried in the parishe Churche of yevill And also I do make my Sonne Giles pene of East kokar myne [exsyntonce ?] of all my goodes and Chatelles in whose handes so ever they be I also do [confesse ?] that John Huntle my Sonne in Lawe hath an hundrethe and thirtene poundes of myne of goulde and silver And also John Debney hath an hundrethe poundes whiche I [lent ?] also to my Sonne who I have made my Executorre And he to dispoase for my Sowle healthe as he shall  beringe Witnes

John Hacker the Elder     John Styclynche     George Traske


Proved at London October 1566



Transcribed by Bob Osborn