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1623 will of John hartwell



Although John Hartwell describes himself as a tanner in his will, it should be noted that rather than thinking of him as one who tans animal hides, he should be thought of as a tannery owner since he leaves his "Tannhouse & Tanne Barton" to his wife in his will, together with substantial properties and lands, including a property in the Borough and another in Kingston. 


1623 Will of John Hartwell


In nomine dei Amen I John Hartwell of yeavill in the Countye of Somsett Tanner beinge sicke in body yet thanks be to God of perfect memorie doe ordaine and make this my last Will & Testament in manner and forme followinge Imprimis I bequeathe my Soule into the handes of almightye God my Maker and Redeemer And my body top be buryed in the Christian buriall of yeavill Item I give unto the Churche of yeavill Ten shill[ings] Item I give to the Poore people of the Parishe of yeavill Twenty shillings Ten shillings thereof to be payde at my buriall And the other Tenn shillings w[i]thin three monthes after Item I give to Elizabeth Dennys the Somme of Tenn poundes To be payde w[i]tin one year after my decease Item I give to fower Children of John younge deceased to each of them Five shillings To be payde w[i]thin one yeare after my decease Item I doe assigne and sett over to Henry Hartwell of Longe Burton in the County of Dorsett Clerk one Dwellinge House, Burgage and Tenement w[i]th the apputenancs thereunto belonginge scituate lyeinge and being in the Burrough or Yeavill nowe in the tenure of John Perry Baker duringe the terme of yeares [abbreviation = which] ar yett to come to me and myne assignes unexpired and not determined to the sole behoofe of Nicholas Hartwell my brother and his daughters [inserted = as the sayd Henrie Hartwell shall dispose in his discretion for the good of the foresaid Nicholas Hartwell & his Daughters] Item I give to Joane my Wife one Cupboad standinge in the Hall, and Five Pottingers,five Platters and five Candleasticks of Brasse in the Chamber where I now lye And one Bedsted in the Chamber w[i]thin the Hall, and twoe Bedds in the same And one Cheste & Box in the Chamber where I now lye, And one Furnace pann, and [four words illegible], and one of the Halfehogsheads and one of the Barrills in the Butterye, and one Crocke w[hi]ch I lent William Jennings, and foure Platters, and six [Fernicke?] dishes, and one short legged Crocke, and another Crocke, that hath no leggs and all my [Posnetts?], and one Kettle, and halfe my Lynnen Clothes, and a Table Boorde & Frame in the Chamber w[i]thin the Hall and a Tableboorde in my House in Kingston, and all other Househouldstuff that there is Lykewise I give to the sayd Joane my Wife one acre and half of Beanes at Hayes ende in Middle Field. And twoe acres of Wheate  lyinge at a place called Claysherd Further my Will is that Joane my Wife shall have my Dwellinge house, Orchard & Gardens where I nowe dwell & Tannhouse (except and always reserved to my executrix and her assignes, maye have convenient tyme to come into the sayd Tannhouse & Tanne Barton, to take and carry away my [Vales?] and Leather as alsoe convenient tyme for the Tannynge of the Leather and Hydes, as I now have) the sayd Joane my Wife is to have the sayd [word illegible] for and duringe the space of foure yeares fullye to be compleate & ended sufficientlie repayeing the same And at the ende of the syd Terme (yf the sayd Joane my Wife soe longe live) [word illegible] to yeilde up the sayd premisse to my exec[u]trix & her assignes. Item I give to Nicholas Hartwell my brother my [Melly?] Cloake Item I give to Henrye Hartwell my Nephewe my Clothe Gownd and my best Cloake Item I give and bequeathe all my Houses, Landes, Arable, Meadowe and pasture wheresoever w[hi[ch I have in Fee simple to Alice my daughter and to the heires of her body lawfully to be begotten And for defaulte of such yssue my Will is that all my Houses Landes arable Meadowe and pasture shall remayne and be to Henrye Hartwell my Nephewe of Long Burton in the County of Dorset Clerke and to his heires [word illegible]. Item my Will is that the sayd Henrye Hartwell shall have the [Tuselshippe?] and guardianshippe of my daughter Alice during her Minoritie & [Nowage?] And my Will is that the sayd Henrie Hartwell shall have my Goodes and Chattells yf Alice my daughter dye in her minoritie. All the residue of my goodes Cattells and Chattells I give to Alice my daughter whome I make my sole heire & executrix of this my last Will & Testament utterly revokinge all former Wills by me made my Funerall debts and Legacies discharged

The Signe of John Hartwell

Signed sealed and delivered in the pre[sen]ce of us

Samuel Seward     Nicholas Hartwell     Hri Hartwell     Thomas Marsh & others<


Proved in 1623

Transcribed by Bob Osborn