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1624 will of William Bragge

Linen Draper


In the name of God Amen the eight daie of Novemb[e]r in the yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of God of England France and Ireland King defender of the faith [and ?] the two & twentith and of Scotland the eight and Fiftith Anno Domini 1624 I William Bragge of yevell in the Countie of Som[er]sett Lynen draper being sicke of body but of perfect memory (god bee thanked) doe make my last will and testament in manner following First I commend my Soule into the hands of almightie god hopinge by the meritts of Jesus Christ to bee saved and my bodie to bee buried in Christian buryall Item I give unto the p[ar]ish Church of yevell the some of twenty shillings Item to the poore of the p[ar]ish of yevell twenty shillings to bee devided amongst them by the discrecon of the Overseers there Item I give unto the poore of Chellington the some of twenty shillings to bee alsoe devided and distributed amongst them at and by the discretion of the Overseers of the poore there Item I give to my Daughter Mary my lease and all the estate right tythe & interest w[hi]ch I have or ought to have of in and to all those lands meadowes & pastures w[i]th thapp[urtena]nces scituate lyinge and beinge w[i]thin the p[ar]ish of Hermitage also Armitage in the County of Dorsett w[hi]ch I bought of Edward Fauconer of Sarum in the County of Wiltes Item I give unto my said Daughter Mary the some of three Score pounds to bee paid unto the Overseers of this my last will & testament at the end of five yeres next after my decease And my will is that if the said Mary shall dye before shee shall attagne unto the age of eighteene yeares or before shee shall happen to bee married That then the one [halfendele ?] of the said Lands meadowes and pastures in Hermitage als[o] Armitage aforesaid dureing the terme w[hi]ch shalbe then to come therein & the benefitt & profitt thereof & the one [halfendele ?] of the said some of three Score pounds shalbe and remaine unto Margarett my now wife & unto the Children of my brother Roger Bragge to bee Equally devided betwixt the said Margarett & the children of my Said brother Roger Bragge Item my will is that my said Overseers upon payment of the said three score pounds at the five yeres end as aforesaid shall put the same to interest to and for the best benefitt & advantage of the said Mary to such [abbreviation illegible] persons as my said Overseers shall thinke fitt untill she shall attayne unto the age of eighteen yeres or happen to be mattyed which of them shall first happen Item I give unto my said Daughter Mary all thestate right tythe & terme or yeres (if any shalbe) of and in the Burgage or dwelling house in yevell aforesaid wherein I now inhabite To have and to hold unto the said Mary from & immediately after the death or decease of mee & the said Margarett my wife and noe otherwise Item I give unto the said Mary one gold Ringe & two gownes w[hi]ch were her Mothers Item I give to my brother Roger my best wearinge suite and my best Cloke and my fouling peece and my sword Item I give unto my Brother in lawe Bennett Barrowe forty shillings Item I give to my Servant Robert Westcraft forty shillings and all other my wearing apparell not formerly devised Item I give to my Servant Johan the Sume of twenty shillings All the rest of my goods & Chattles as well moveable as immoveableI give unto the said Margaret my wife whom I make whole Executr[ix] of the my last will and testament And I doe intreat and appaynt for my Overseers of this my last will my brother Roger Bragge & John Jacob of Kingston iuxta yevell aforesaid and for theire paynes doe give them xijd [ie 12 pence] apeece In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale the daie and yere first above written

William Bragge

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of

John Rock     John Jacob    Roger Bragge


Proved at London, 1625



Transcribed by Bob Osborn