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The 1658 will of Morgan Hayne



In the name of God Amen I Morgan Hayne of Yeovill in the County of Somersett gent: The fifteenth day of July in the yeare of our Lord accordinge to the accompt now used in England one Thousand six hundred Fiftie and eight Beinge sick and weake of body but of sound and perfect minde and memory (Praysed be God for the same) doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge And first of all I recommend my soule into the handes of Allmighty God the Father beinge verily confident that thrugh the merritts and mediacon of his sonne Jesus Christ the righteous I shall partake of those inestimable joyes which are prepared for the [word illegible] in the world to come And I returne my body to the earth from whence it was taken to be decently interred at Yeovill aforesaid there to remaine untill the resurrection of body and soule And as touchinge my worldly estate I give devise limitt and bequeath amongst my friends and kindred in the world as followeth First as touchinge my Severall Leasehold estates which I latelie exchanged and purchased from William Windham esquire I give and bequeath them unto the several persons as they are directed mentioned and declared in one Deed of Uses bearinge the Twelveth day of July present And made betweene mee the said Morgan Hayne of the one parte and Giles Hayne and Giles [Bawes ?] both of Yeovill aforesaid of the other parte Alsoe I give unto John Hayne the sonne of Giles Hayne all my table boards bedsteeds stooles formes Cupboards waynescott chaires barrells benches and all other the woodden vessell and lumber now in or belonginge to the house wherein I now live to be delivered and left unto him imediately after the decease of Jane my now wife who is to enjoy the sole use thereof duringe all her life tyme And also the great [Gurner ?] the Mowstathell and a Sider wringe is to be and remayne unto the said John Hayne as aforesaid (Two halfe hogsheads only excepted) for the said Jane; Alsoe I give Forty shillings to forty poore people to be paid at the discrecon of my overseers within one month next after my decease Alsoe I give tenn shillings to the Church at Yeovill aforesaid to be laid out in repairinge of the glasse windowes of the Said Church Alsoe I give unto each of my godchildren and to every of them the Summe of twelve pence Alsoe my will and meaninge is that my Said wife shall have the custody and keepeinge of my brother Thomas Hayne soe longe as shee shall remaine a widdowe And to receive all the rents and profitts of a Tenement called Higdons Tenement and all other the parcells of Land meadow and pasture which are menconed to be granted to mee by William Windham esquire and by mee disposed of in the said Deed of Uses for his life; shee allowinge unto the said Thomas Hayne twenty pence by the weeke in meate and bread cheese drinke milke and cloathes And twoe shillings and six pence by the quarter in money as nowe hee is allowed And in case my said wife shall happen either to dye or marry duringe the life tyme of my said brother Then my will and meaninge is that my [word illegible] shall have the custody of him and receive the profitts of the said estate and make him the same allowance as aforesaid Alsoe my further meaninge is that if Joseph Hacker shall attaine tyme duringe ye life time of my said brother and wife departe from my said wife to live in [word illegible] other place Then shee is to allowe him out of my said brothers estate foure pounds by the year towards his maintenance Alsoe I give unto my kinsman Samuel Hayne the Summe of five poundes to be paid in twelve months next after my decease Alsoe I give unto George Hayne sonne of John Hayne five pounds to be paid unto him when his Father or anie other shall purchase his life in the Copyhold which the said John Hayne now lives in Alsoe I give unto Thomas Hacker the summe of fower poundes to be paid within twelve months next after my decease Alsoe I give unto Elizabeth Durant the wife of James Durant the like summe of fower poundes to be paid unto her within twelve months after my decease Alsoe I give unto John Hayne and Robert Hayne Sonnes of Giles Hayne and to each of them foure lambes To Joseph Hacker foure lambes And to [Susan ?] Cuffe my Servantmayde five lambes Alsoe I give unto Morgan Durant the sonn of William Durant the Summe of Five poundes to be paid when his life is bought into the Livinge at Stourton [Cantle ?] which [Beddingunn ?] Durant now lives in Alsoe I give unto Susanna Trent the daughter of Jared Trent the Summe of [five ?] shillings to buy her a lambe And all the rest and residue of my estate goods & Chattles And in and by the Said Deede of Uses left unto the lymittacon of this my last will moveable and unmoveable not herein or hereby given or bequeathed I give devise & bequeath unto my beloved wife Jane Hayne whom I make and ordaine my whole & sole Executrix to put this my will in due execucon accordinge to the true intent and meaninge hereof And I desire my beloved freinds Giles Hayne Giles [Rawes ?] and Valentine Jacobb to be my overseers and to be aydeinge and assisting unto my said Executrix in the performance of this my said will And for their soe doinge I give unto each of them six shillings and eight pence In Testimony whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale The day and yeare first above written

Morgan Hayne

The Twentie eight day of July 1658

Alsoe my will is that if the Bargaine that is nowe [word illegible] on betweene [Mr ?] Windham esquire and my Selfe be not fully performed and ended that then my wife Jane Hayne is to pay none of the beforemenconed legacies herein [word illegible] except that which I have given to the Church and poore

Morgan Hayne

In the presence of

John Brayne     the marke of Edward Wills

Signed Sealed and published after the words {barrells; if paid Thomas and [Cleacke ? and illegible word] were interlyned in the presence of us And alsoe after the words in the first line of this sheete were written And it was alsoe declared before [Stalinge ?] publishing [word illegible] That it was his intent and meaning that if John Hayne the Sonne of Giles Hayne shall dye before the said Jane the Executrix Then the goods within bequeathed to the said John shall remaine and come unto the said Giles Hayne his Father or his assignes And then Signed and Sealed and published by the said Morgan Hayne as his last will and Testament Revokeing all former wills in the presence of

Tho[mas] Heline     Giles Jennings     John Cary     John Bradly     John Hayne     Giles Hayne


This will was proved at London the Eighth day of the month of February in the yeare of our Lord God accordinge to the computacon of the Church of England one Thousand six hundred Fifty and eight before the Judges for probat of wills and granting administrations Lawfully author ized by the oath of Jeane Hayne the relict of the said deceased and Sole Executrix named in the said will To whom was [word illegible] administration of all and Singular the goods Chattles and debtes of the said deceased Shee the said Joane Hayne beinge first sworne in due forme of lawe by vertue of a Commission well and truly to ad[mini]ster the same



Transcribed by Bob Osborn