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1662 Will of Barnaby Mollins



In  the Name of God Amen I Barnaby Mollins of Yeovill in the County of Som[er]s[e]t Milliner beinge in this tyme sick and weake in body yet of sound and perfect memory (praised be God) doe this Twentie Seaventh day of March in the Fowerteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of God kinge of England And in the yeare of our Lorde God 1662, make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme Followinge hereby revoking all or any former or other will or wills by me heretofore at any time or tymes had or made; And First and principally I Commend my Soule into the hands of my heavenly father stedfastly believing that when this vaine and Transitory mortall life shall have an end in through the [alsutinience ?] meritts  ands Satisfaction of our only Savioure Christ Jesus to have remission of my Sinnes and to live and raigne with him in eternall felicitie And my Body I Committ to the Earth from whence it came to be buried in decent and Christian Buriall at the discretion of my wife Children and overseers herein after mentioned And for such Temporal estate as it hath pleased Almightie God to lend me I doe dispose thereof in manner Followinge Imp[rimi]s I give and devise unto Alice my nowe wife all my right title and interest of in and to my dwellinghouse with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging Scituate in Barnstaple in the County of Devon and alsoe my best Bed bedstead and all the furniture thereunto belonging with bolster Blankettt and Sheetes Standing and being in the fore Chamber in the said house and Twentie pounds in money to be paid within Twelve months after my decease in full satisfaction of all her Dower or Thirds w[hi]ch shee may clayme out of all or any Lande or estate whereof I am seized in fee and alsoe in full recompence and satisfaction of her right [word illegible] widdowe hood of a Tenement at Sherborne in the Countie of Dors[e]t w[hi]ch I hold by Coppy of Court Role for my life according to the custome of the mannor there as alsoe of all or any [abbreviation = part of parcel ?] of my personall Estate whatsoever provided allwayes and upon Condi[t]ion never the lesse that if my said wife after my decease shall denye or refuse upon demand to release her Third of moiety all or any of my lands or to Surrender up or relinquish her right or title for her widow hood of in and to the said Coppie hold Estate at Sherborne soe that the said Lands and Coppie hold Estate may immediatlie after my Decease cleerly doe end and come to my Children to whome the same and hereby devised and intended that then and from thence forth all and what soe now I have here by given and devised to her shall [surcease ?] and be null and voyd to all intents and purposes And that then and in such case I doe give and devise my said house with its Appurtenances at Barnstaple aforesaid for all my Terme and after therein to come unto my Sonne Roger Mollins And I doe further give and devise unto my said wife one brasse pan, one [two words illegible] two pewter dishes and halfe a Dozen of my best [Tremhands ?] Item I give and devise to my wifes Two Daughters Elizabeth and Mary Jennings twelve pence apeece And alsoe all my right title and Interest whatsoever of in and to a Certaine messuage or dwelling house w[i]th app[ur]tenances scituate in Bridgwater in the said Countie of Som[er]s[e]t with all the goods and implem[en]ts of house hold stuffe there in and thereto belonginge which I had in the right and by marriage of my said wife To hold the same unto the said Elizabeth and Mary Jennings for all the residue of my terme and Estate therein yet to come and unexpired Item I give and devise unto my said Sonne Roger Mollings my house with th[e]appurtenances scituate in the Burrowe of Yeovell aforesaid over against a place called Nunwell there to him and his heires forever Item I give and Devise unto my Sonne Barnaby Mollins my new built house and barne with the acre of ground and Garden plott thereto belonging Scituate in Coldharbor in Sherborne in the said County of Dors[e]t now in the occupacon of Walter Pittman dureing all the residue of my Terme and Estate therein And alsoe one other little house at Coldharbor aforesaid and a yard of ground thereto belonginge now in the occupacon of Esau Rogers for all my interest terme and estate therein Item I give and devise unto my Sonne John Mollins all that my house with its appurtenances Scituate in Midle Street in the Burrowe of Yeovell aforesaid now in the occupacon of Edward Hale for and dureing all my Interest Estate and Terme of yeares therein to come and unexpired Item I give and devise unto my Sonne Beniamine and his heires for ever all that my dwelling house the[e]appurtenances Scituate at a place on [Studets ?] called the Greene at Sherborne aforesaid now in the occupacon of John [Firge ?] there being some p[ar]te of the Backside on ground thereto belonginge latly inclosed in Mr Casments Backside And I Further give and devise unto the said Beniamin Twenty pounds in money Item I give and devise unto my Fower Daughters Elizabeth, Joane, Sarah, and Ann Mollins Fifty pounds a peece to be paid at their severall ages of one and Twenty yeares or dayes of marriage w[hi]ch shall first happen and in the meane time soe soone as the same [word illegible] and made out of my personall Estate to be disposed of at Interest and the profitts thereof to goe for their severall maintenances Item my will is that all other my household stuffe wheresoever it be not before Devised (excepting onlu my plate) be equally devided amongst my owne Eight Children p[ar]te and p[ar]ts alike alike And that all my wares Marchandizes and plate be forth with appraised and sold to the best advantage and that the money raised thereby to goe towards the payment of my debts and raising of my Daughters portions together with all my Debts that are owinge me either upon [word illegible] or otherwise and upon an Estate heretofore Conveyed to me by [Gerard ?] Frome lying at Hewish in the p[ar]ish of Crewkerne in the said Countie of Som[er]s[e]t or upon any other Lands or Estates made over to mee at Halstocke in the said County of Dors[e]t And my Further will and minde is that after my debts and Funerall expences are paid and the said Legacies raised for my said Daughters that then the Surplusage of my personal Estate (if any bee) be equally devided amongst my fower Sonnes part and parts alike And my Further will and minde is that if any of my said Daughters shall happen to dye or departe this life before they attaine to their severall Ages of one and Twentie yeares or be married that then the Legacy or Legacies soe to them here given Shall remaine and come to the Survivors and Survivor of them equally to be And that if any of my said Sonnes shall in like manner happen to dye or depart this life within the age of one and Twenty yeares or married bearing no iss[u]e of their bodyes that then and in such case the Estate or Legacies hereby devised to them or either of them soe dyeinge to come and be equally devided amongst the Survivors and Survivor of them in an equall manner p[ar]te and p[ar]ts alike And I doe hereby constitute and appointe my said sonne Beniamine to be sole Executor of this my last will and Testament And my loveing Friends Mr Peter Way of Chard in the said County of Som[erse]t George Larkin of the Citty of Bristoll Linnen Drap[er] and John Hawkins of West Coker in the said County of Som[erse]t Yeoman my trustees and overseers of my said Estate and of this my sayd will earnestly intreating and desireinge them and either of them to take all possible care to see the same punctually p[er]formed accordinge to the true meaninge thereof And I doe hereby give unto each of them five shillings to buy them Gloves as a token of my love In witnes whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seale the day and yeare First above written

Barnaby Mollins

Sealed delivered and published in the p[re]sence of us and the words (accordinge to the Custome of the Mannor there) first interlined

Joseph Ringe     the marke of John Gillam al[ia]s Delamont     John Lamb       the marke of Joane Ashford wid[ow] of Sanford [word illegible]


Memorandum my further will and minde is that whereas I have formerly disposed of two little Cottages and dwellinge houses with their appurtenances now in the occupacone of Thomas Baker and Phillipp Elway scituate in Cold harbour at Sherbourne aforesaid unto my Sister Elizabeth Mollins to hold the same dureing her naturall life if my interest and Estate shall soe longe continue therein Towards her maintenance and w[i]th and to be repayred by me or my Assignes dureing all the same time; I doe hereby give and devise the same Cottages with the appurtenances unto my Said Sonne Barnaby for all the residue of my interest and estate therein to come after the death of my said Sister soe that the said Barnaby or his Assignes doe and shall in the meane time keepe the same well and sufficientlie repaired as above said; This being added as p[ar]te of the will before the sealing and publishing hereof in the p[re]sence of us

Joseph Ring    John Lambe     the marke of Joane Ashford     the marke of John Gillum al[ia]s Delamont



Transcribed by Bob Osborn