The bakehouse

the bakehouse

In Pyttelane, near Venyll Crosse


The Woborn Muniments show a lease for a tenement called 'le Bakehouse' located near the Triangle, at the end of "the street called Pyttelane (today's Middle Street), on the East Side of the tenement of John Harewell, and between Pyttelane and Quedam Street" (later Vicarage Street).

The site of 'le Bakehouse' is where the building that was the premises of the Belben family (until 1938), later (from 1975) the Woolwich Building Society and is presently Betfred.

A Woborn Muniments lease dated 1622 records "to Peter Wallis of Yevell curryer (that is, a person who dresses and colours leather after it is tanned), burgage in Pitt lane at the end of the street between the land of the Almshouses on west and near the Crosse there on east...."

In 1624 it was recorded "to John Hardynge of Yevell mercer. burgage, curtilage and bakehouse near a place called Venyll Crosse (today's Triangle) between tenement held by William Darby on north and the highway on south and west.... 3 burgages conjoined at Fynelyscrosse'.

In 1667 the Woborn Muniments record "to Elizabeth Dyer, widow, John Dyer, son, and Ann Dyer - Burgage, curtilage & bakehouse at place called Vennells Cross...."

The complete list of recorded rent payments for the property are as follows -


P Wallis, curryer  -  5s


P Wallis, curryer


R Wallis  -  8s


J Francis  -  8s


T Francis (a butcher)  -  8s


late Thomas Francis  "house down"


Charles Oram


Solomon Lambe  -  £3


Charles Pavord


George Trevett  -  £7


Susan Duffett


J Hayward