Gloving in yeovil

Henry Barrett

Glove Manufacturer


There is hardly any information on Henry Barrett, glove manufacturer of Yeovil, but he is included here for completeness.

In November 1828 a robbery "of gloves, silk and cash, to the value of £20" (around £1,500 at today's value) took place in his counting house - the interesting report of the robbery presumed to have been carried out by "two young men of the town of very loose character, with some females not of the highest probity" is reproduced below.

Barrett's counting house was clearly not secure since less than a month later it was burgled again and "upwards of 100 dozen of gloves stolen".

Nothing else is known at the present time.



The account of the robbery of Mr H Barrett from the 27 November 1828 edition of the Dorset County Chronicle.


.... and less than a month later it Henry's counting house was burgled again. This report from the 20 December 1828 edition of the Bristol Mirror.