Bide's gardens howitzer

bide's gardens howitzer

A relic of the Great War


Many older Yeovilians will remember the gun mounted on a low stone plinth in Bide's Gardens.

This was a captured First World War German howitzer given to the Borough Council by the War Office Trophies Committee and originally sited on a concrete plinth in the Triangle (see below). It was initially proposed that a captured German tank be presented to the town, but the Borough Council declined the offer when they heard that the tank was some thirty feet long, thirteen feet wide, weighing some 26 tons and would require a massive concrete foundation that would have to be funded by the Council.

The howitzer was moved to Bide's Gardens in 1922 where it remained until it was taken away after the Second World War.




The howitzer photographed in the 1920s - note the house in the background that was replaced in the 1930s by Vincent's car showrooms, the current offices of Batten's solicitors.


The First World War German howitzer in Bide's Gardens, photographed around 1950.


A photograph of the early 1950's showing the German howitzer mounted on a low plinth.


From my collection

An enlargement of the gun, aimed at Vincent's car showrooms glimpsed in the background, from the previous photograph.


From my collection

A postcard from the early 1930s (postmarked September 1934), showing the new hospital as seen from Bide's Gardens. Note the Great War howitzer at bottom centre.