burial grounds (19th century)

burial grounds - baptist

Dealing with burials in 19th century Yeovil


 In 1852 in his Report to the General Board of Health concerning, among other items, Yeovil's burial grounds, Thomas Rammell wrote the following concerning burials in the Baptist chapel in South Street.

"The Baptist Chapel is situated in South Street. There are catacombs under the Chapel, besides a small yard in front; the chapel and yard contained 11 perches; these catacombs are very rarely opened, 4 families only having vaults in them. The small yard in front is not used now, as the Baptists have now a ground in common with the parish of Odicombe (sic), about 4 miles off."

Vickery, in 1856, commented “There are catacombs under the chapel, but they are very rarely opened. There is also a small burial-ground in front of the chapel."




Baptist chapel in South Street before the construction of Petters Way alongside. The burial ground was the fenced-in area in front of the chapel. Photographed about 1912.