Gloving in yeovil

Carter & Gollop

Glove Manufacturers


There is hardly any information on the glove manufacturing company of Carter & Gollop, glove manufacturers of Yeovil, but the company is included here for completeness.

William Carter, glove manufacturer of Yeovil, was for many years in partnership with Charles Hutchings but this partnership was dissolved prior to 1818 when, on 25 March 1818, William Carter entered a Deed of Co-partnership with George Tilley Gollop, Esq. of Brympton.

George Gollop agreed to become a partner for seven years for £3,500 of joint stock and capital being £1,500 by William Carter and £2,000 by George Gollop (£3,500 is about £2.7 million at today's value).

The partnership of Carter & Gollop was dissolved in February 1820.

Nothing else is known at the present time.