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The Will of Clement Cheeseman

The 1697 Will of Clement Cheesman, Glover


Clement Cheeseman was an affluent glover of Yeovil. Little is known of his life other than the information gleaned from his will (below), dated 29 October 1697, the 1711 will of his daughter Frances and the 1730 will of his son Thomas. He lived in Hendford but had other properties in Addlewell, the latter bequeathed to his spinster daughter Frances. His wife was named Mary. They had three sons; Richard, Clement and Thomas and several daughters - Mary, Elizabeth and Frances as well as up to four other daughters only referred to as wives of their respective husbands.

Of the daughters, Mary was married to Samuel Kitson, Elizabeth was married to John Reeke and Frances remained a spinster. The four daughters whose names are unknown, were married to John Newman, William Avoake, Andrew Everton and William Donn.


In the Name of God Amen I Clement Cheeseman of Yeovill in the County of Som[ers]ett Glover being weak in body but of sound mind and understanding Do make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say I recom[m]end my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body to the Earth from whence it came And as for the disposition of my worldly Estate I give and dispose as followeth (viz) I Give devise and bequeath unto Mary my loving wife all that my now dwelling House Outhouses Cottages and Garden thereunto belonging with the Appurtenances And the Reversion Rents and Services thereof or of any part thereof lying situate and being in Hinford in Yeovill aforesaid for and during the term of her natural life And from and after her decease I give and devise the same unto my Son Richard Cheeseman and the heirs of his body forever lawfully to be begotten Provided that the said Richard shall pay unto my Son Thomas and Daughter Elizabeth twenty pounds apiece when he shall be seized thereof by virtue of this devise then it shall be lawfull for them or either of them to enter into the said House and premises and the same to have untill the said severall Sumes of twenty pounds be satisfyed and paid with reasonable cost and charges and for want of such Issue of the body Of the said Richard Then I give and devise the said house outhouses and premises with the Appurtenances to my son Clement Cheeseman and his heirs forever provided my Son Clement do pay or cause to be paid the Sume of One Hundred pounds equally among all my Children that shall be living after he shall or may be seized [or ?] possessed of the said House and premisses by vertue of this my Will [word illegible] it shall be lawfull for such other Child or Children that shall be then living to enter into the said House and premises and to have and hold the same unto him her or them that shall be living and to the heirs of them and every of them for ever And I do hereby give and devise the same accordingly I give and devise all my houses Cottages gardens Lands and premisses situate lying and being at a place called Adlewell with the Appurten[an]ces in the parish of Yeovill aforesaid Unto my daughter Frances Cheeseman and her heirs for ever provided she permit and suffer my said wife to hould and enjoy the same And to receive the Rents and profitts thereof for the term of Five years next after my decease and after the end of the said term shall pay unto my Son Clement the Sume of tenn pounds Item I give unto my Son Thomas and Daughter Elizabeth One hundred pounds apiece to be paid by my Executrix on the Day of her second marriage with any other man or att the severall Ages of One and twenty years respectively of the said Thomas and Elizabeth (which shall first happen to come to pass) All the rest of my goods and chattles I give and devise unto my said wife Mary Cheeseman whome I make whole Executrix of this my Will desireing her to breed up my Children to [trades ?] in the best manner that she can and in the fear of the Lord In testimony whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale the twenty ninth Day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand six hundred ninety and seaven [several words illegible]
The marke of Clement Cheeseman
Signed Sealed published and declared in the presence of us
Wm aCourt James Wills Tho. Leach Ed. Hayward


Transcribed by Bob Osborn