Gloving in yeovil

Ewens & co

Glove Manufacturers of South Street and Taunton


Yeovil glove manufacturer Edward Samuel 'Sam' Ewens had been in partnership with his brother-in-law Alexander Cobb in the firm of Ewens & Cobb but the partnership ended in a court case in 1902. After losing the Cobb case Sam went into business with his sons Edward and Percival Charles as Ewens & Sons. The company was re-named Ewens & Co after Charles Thristle Pitcher, the son of hotelier Charles Thomas Pitcher of the Mermaid Hotel, became a partner.

Ewens & Co were listed in Kelly's Directory of 1931 as glove manufacturers of South Street and Bridge Street, Taunton.

The company was run by Sam Ewens and the Taunton branch was run by his son Percival Charles Ewens and Percival's brother-in-law Charles Thristle Pitcher, son of Charles Pitcher above.

The firm closed in 1974.




Courtesy of Ted Ewens

This photograph is of Ewens & Sons and the original was presented to Edward Ewens (the great grandfather of Ted Ewens who sent me the photo), at centre, on his 50th Birthday in 1904 by his employees. The original large framed photograph presented to 'Sam' was hanging in the office of Ewens & Co in Taunton until the firm closed in 1974. It is not known if this photograph was taken at the company's South Street or Taunton premises.


Courtesy of Ted Ewens

Wedding photograph at The Mermaid Hotel on 27 December 1915. The bride is Edith Mary née Pitcher. Her mother Ada is seated to her left. Her father Charles Pitcher (the Mermaid's hotelier) is standing behind her mother. The groom is Percival Charles Ewens, Sergeant 5th Somerset Light Infantry and later to run the Taunton branch of Ewens & Co with Ada's brother Charles. His mother Sarah Annie née Hull is seated to his right. His father Edward Samuel Ewens is standing behind his mother.