Goldenstones Leisure Centre

Goldenstones Leisure Centre

Brunswick Street


The building of a public swimming pool and baths in Yeovil was first suggested in 1876 but not approved by the council until 1883. A site in Huish, on the corner of Felix Place, was purchased and the following year the Baths and Wash-Houses Act was adopted. Frequently known as the Corporation Baths, the new building was completed in June 1885. Although enlarged and modernised more than once, the Huish pool was finally demolished in 1960 when it was rebuilt. The new Huish swimming pool was three storeys high, but the sloping situation of the site meant the entrance hall was a storey higher than the pool surround.

The new swimming pool was, in turn, replaced by the Goldenstones Leisure Centre which opened on 1 August 1992. This new centre, with its stylish contemporary design, features two heated swimming pools with a viewing area, a sauna and steam room, a large studio for exercise classes, a fully equipped gym and a sports shop.

Originally managed by South Somerset District Council, today, Goldenstones Leisure Centre is run by LED Leisure in conjunction with South Somerset District Council.


Aerial Photograph


The 1946 aerial survey showing the meadow at centre on which Goldenstones would be constructed. In the top left quadrant is Hendford running down to Hendford Hill at lower left, while across the top is Brunswick Street.




The meadow, later to be the site of Goldenstones, in a colourised photograph of August 1940.


Courtesy of John Penny

The meadow photographed around 1970.


A new car park being constructed in Brunswick Street in 1988. Goldenstones Leisure Centre was later built on the site and opened on 1 August 1992.


The same view today.


Goldenstones photographed in 1997.


The entrance to Goldenstones Leisure Centre, photographed in April 2017.


... and the rear of the Goldenstones building that faces Ninesprings. Photographed in 2017.


... and seen from the other direction, again photographed in 2017.


The pools in Goldenstones Leisure Centre.



... and part of the gym that was refurbished in 2011.