3 & 5 hendford

3 & 5 hendford

(East Side) - Now part of Beale's


Nos 3 and 5 Hendford were originally two-storey buildings, as seen in the first photograph below. They were probably dwellings at first, then later converted to shops.

The buildings were acquired by Lindsay Denner at the end of the nineteenth century. They were demolished and completely rebuilt as the present three/four storey building we see today. Denner incorporated the new building into his department store which is now Beales' store.

At high level, somewhat obscured by many layers of paint, is the "Denner's Head", photographed at left, which overlooks Hendford.

The following description is from the Somerset Historic Environment Record -

Commercial building now part of a department store. Circa 1860 (clearly not). Brick and stone, now colour-washed, (roof materials not visible from street). 3-storeys and attic of a debased Lombardic style, in 3-bays of which the 2 right-hand are gabled. Modern plate glass windows, fascias and projecting canopies at ground floor level. Above are double semi-circular arched. windows to the right-hand bays, and single windows to left- hand bay (at first and second floor levels only). Blank circular openings to crown of each gable. Stone ornamental bands at springing levels of window arches as well as storey string courses (the upper latter forming a quasi-cornice with console dentil ornament).




This photograph of Hendford dates to around 1870 and is one half of a stereoscopic pair. At far left is 25 High Street, the shop newly-acquired at this time by Lindsay Denner. The imposing building at right was Stuckey's bank. The two storey buildings at centre (just in front of the three-storey Three Choughs Hotel) are Nos 3 and 5 Hendford.


A colourised photograph of 1934 showing strengthening works to Denner's newly-acquired neighbouring property in Hendford. Here, a massive RSJ is slowly maneuvered into position through the removed shop front.


This photograph dates to 1903 and shows the relatively newly-erected 3 & 5 Hendford at centre with the Three Choughs Hotel at right.


From my collection  -  This colourised photograph features in my book 'Yeovil From Old Photographs'

A postcard, dated 1905, with the Three Cough's own horse-drawn carriages used to transport guests to and from the railway stations. 3 & 5 Hendford are at extreme left.


This photograph is taken almost from the same viewpoint as the previous but I'd guess at about five years later. Notice outside the entrance to the Three Choughs is the hotel's own motor omnibus that met every train in and out of Yeovil to transport hotel guests. At this time 3 & 5 Hendford was still showing its brickwork elevation with stone dressings.


..... and seen today as part of Beales. Nos 3 & 5 Hendford, at extreme right, remain the same as when built except for being painted and having the modern ground floor shop fronts. Photographed in 2013.