king's Head yard

king's head yard

A small 'court' of poor dwellings off the Borough


King’s Head Yard is mentioned in the 1841 census as being off Market Place and took its name from the King’s Head Inn in High Street, behind which a couple of lowly dwellings were located. This was the only pub of that name in Yeovil and before the middle of the seventeenth century it was known as the Cock in the Hoop. It was certainly still established in 1841, on the south side of High Street roughly where Borough Arcade is today.

Bidder’s map of 1843 is not clear enough to show a court but one is apparent on Watt’s map of 1806 but to the east of George Court – roughly where the access road is behind the library today. In any event there were only two families living there, a total of eleven people.

The King's Head Inn was demolished in 1849 as part of the new town hall project and the dwellings in King's Head yard were demolished at the same time.