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Thomas Edward Loney

Butcher of Middle Street


Thomas Edward Loney was born in Wellington on 24 May 1866. He was the ninth of the ten children of baker William Loney (1829-1913) and Jane née Slade (1826-1916).

William and Jane's children, all born in Wellington, were; Selina Mary (1854-1907), Silvia M (1855-1934), Jane Sophia, known as Sophia (1856-1934), Joseph William (b1859), John W (b1859), Grace Ann (1861-1873), Samuel C (1862-1937), Emily Mary (1864-1947), Thomas and Benjamin W (1867-1943).

In the 1871 census, the family were recorded at North Street, Wellington. In the following 1881 census, Thomas and his older sister Sophia were living with their 84-year-old widowed grandfather Thomas Slade and his 40-year-old bachelor son, also called Thomas, at North Street. Sophia was listed as the housekeeper and 13-year-old Thomas was listed as a scholar. His parents, William and Jane, were listed living next door with four of their children. William gave his occupation as a '(Pastor), Baptist Preacher'.

On 1 October 1883, 15-tear-old Thomas began a live-in apprenticeship in butchering with George Sanders, a master butcher of 24 Bridge Street, Taunton.

Thomas has not been found in the 1891 census (5 April 1891), but it is known that shortly after the census he had moved moved to Yeovil. Here, by September 1891, he obtained the leasehold of premises of a shop with accommodation over, formerly the premises of 30-year-old butcher, Ernest G Hart (listed living at the premises in the 1891 census). The premises comprised nine rooms (2 sitting rooms, 5 bedrooms, a kitchen & scullery) at 91 Middle Street, Yeovil (this was later re-numbered 19 Middle Street - roughly where today's Primark building now stands).

In the 1901 census, 32-year-old Thomas was listed as the head of the family at 91 Middle Street. Living with him were his parents, sister Jane acting as housekeeper and two assistant butchers. Thomas gave his occupation simply as a butcher.

Although Thomas frequently placed advertisements in the Western Gazette, he was rarely listed in trade directories, although he did make an appearance in the 1902 edition of Kelly's Directory.

On 7 September 1908, at the Baptist Chapel in South Street, Thomas, by now aged 40, married 27-year-old Hannah Mary Maynard (1881-1960). Hannah was the daughter of William Tanner Maynard (1852-1926), of Maynard & Sons in the Borough, and his wife Emma Kingman née  Culverwell (1857-1925). Thomas and Hannah were to have three children, all born in Yeovil; William Edward (1910-1977), Jack Maynard (1912-1980) and Mary Joyce (1916-1996).

In the 1911 census, William, Hannah and their seven-month-old son William, together with two butcher's apprentices and a house servant were listed living above the Middle Street premises. Thomas gave his occupation as a butcher. The family later moved to Cairnleath, 47a The Park.

Thomas Loney died in Yeovil on 11 October 1930, aged 64. His will was proved in London the following December and his effects were valued at £9,394 9s 2d (around £600,000 at today's value). Hannah died in Yeovil on 1 February 1960, aged 78.




Thomas Edward Loney


Thomas' advertisement placed in the 18 September 1891 edition of the Western Gazette, announcing his acquisition of the former premises of butcher Ernest G Hart in Middle Street.


Thomas ran this, and similar, advertisements in the Western Gazette for many years around Christmas time.


A 1912 advertisement. I'm assuming the address '19' is an error on someone's part, and should still be '91'.