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Edward Mines

The 1739 Will of Edward Mines, Glover


There were at least two men in Yeovil named Edward Mines in the period 1700 to 1720. One was the licensee of the Mermaid Hotel although it is not possible to tell which as both were described as glovers, however there is only one reference I know of relating to Edward Mines as licensee of the Mermaid and that is from 1738 - the year before 'our' Edward made his will which didn't mention the Mermaid so I expect this was the 'other' Edward Mines.

The Edward Mines described here (determined by an analysis of his children's records of baptism compared with those named in his will - see below) was the son of Edward Mines Snr since 'our' Edward was described as Edward Mines Jnr in more than one record. Edward Mines Jnr married Elizabeth Drew on 4 April 1728 at St Laurence, Exeter.

The 1729 monthly Poor Rate Return noted that Edward Jnr paid 1d for his property in the Borough, whereas his father, Edward Snr., paid 1s 6½d for his property in Kingston - this was probably somewhere in the Manor of Kingston, not necessarily in the road of that name. This was a substantial property, the sum of 1s 6½d being in the top 5% of payments. This is confirmed by his payment of 6 shillings Window Tax in the same year - indicating a property with between 10 and 20 windows.

The children of Edward Mines, as recorded in his will and Yeovil's  Baptism Register were as follows (with baptism dates).

  • Amos Mines (10 March 1700)
  • Francis Mines (8 March 1702)
  • Margaret Mines (11 July 1705)
  • John Mines ( 20 October 1707)
  • Rachell Mines (17 August 1708)
  • Richard Mines (7 June 1710)
  • Nathaniel Mines (22 May 1712)
  • Mary Mines (5 November 1717)

Edward Mines died post-1739.


Will of Edward Mines, 1739


I, Edward Mines of Yeovil, Glover, being weak of body but sound in mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. I bequeath unto my sons, Francis and Richard Mines and their heirs all my lands in Yeovil subject to legacies and debts herein mentioned, also I give to my son, John Mines, for his natural life if he returns to Yeovil, my dwelling house in Yeovil late in possession of Osmand Burbage, also I give to my son Amos one house at the discretion of my Executors for his life, also I give unto my son Amos 18 of my best sheep, also I give to my son Amos a close in the Parish of Yeovil called Reasons Close he paying thereout yearly unto Mr Lockyer the sum of 55s; I give to my son Nathaniel all my house adjoining to William Walls; also I give to my daughter Mary Atherton the house she lives in with garden; also I give to my daughter Margaret £100 to be paid 12 months after my death, also I give to my son Richard my close in Yeovil Langs Bush; I give to my daughter Rachel 2s 6d a week for the rest of her life; I give to my son Nathaniel £10 to be paid 12 months after my death also it is my will that my unmarried children live in my dwelling house as long as they are unmarried and single; also I give to Richard 3 back chambers to my dwelling house which I use for my trade; also I give to my said sons Amos and Nathaniel the use of my mill house, cider wring during their lives; also I charge my Estate with paying of my debts and legacies aforesaid and for the all and residue of my goods and chattels I leave to my sons Francis and Richard whom I make Executors.
Signed 26 February 1739
Witnessed by James Hobbs and William Walling and J Hood

This copy was made 5 May 1755 by John Newman and witnessed by Samuel Watts