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Westland Aircraft

The histories of Yeovil's fixed-wing aircraft


FIXED WING AIRCRAFT - designed and built by Westland Aircraft Ltd

1917 De Haviland DH.4 Day-Bomber
1917 Westland N.1B Single-Seat Floatplane Fighter
1918 Westland Wagtail Prototype Fighter
1918 Westland Weasel Prototype Fighter / Recon
1919 Westland Limousine Light Transport
1921 Westland Walrus Spotter / Reconnaissance
1924 Westland Dreadnought Experimental monoplane
1924 Westland Widgeon Light Aircraft
1924 Westland Woodpigeon Civilian
1925 Westland Yeovil Light Day-Bomber
1926 Westland Pterodactyl Series Experimental tail-less
1926 Westland Westbury Fighter (prototype)
1927 Westland Wapiti Military general purpose
1927 Westland Wizard Fighter
1928 Westland Witch Bomber (prototype)
1929 Westland Interceptor Interceptor Fighter (prototype)
1929 Westland IV Limousine / Wessex Light Transport
1930 Westland C.O.W. Gun Fighter Interceptor Fighter (prototype)
1931 Westland PV-3 (Houston-Westland) Torpedo bomber
1931 Westland PV-6 (Houston-Wallace) General Purpose
1933 Westland PV-7 General purpose (prototype)
1934 Westland F.7/30 (aka PV-4) Fighter
1936 Westland Lysander Army Co-operation
1938 Westland Whirlwind Heavy Fighter
1942 Westland Welkin High altitude fighter
1949 Westland Wyvern Carrier-based strike aircraft