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The Perrin Leather Company Limited was a Private Limited Company, registration number 00199611, established on 29 July 1924.

The company was based at the Eastland Road Dressing Yard and Tannery, originally built by William Bide Snr around 1828, the company's registered office was at 17 Hendford.

The company was in business for some fifty years. A notice of liquidation was placed in the 26 November 1980 edition of the London Gazette (see below) with the company's nature of business stated as being 'Leather Dressing (Ceased)'. However it was recorded as going into compulsory liquidation on 29 May 1986 and was finally struck off the Companies Register and dissolved on 3 September 1999.




This photograph was taken from Reckleford in the early 1960's and shows the east and south elevations of the main building, at which time it was occupied by Perrin Leather Co Ltd.


Courtesy of Lynda Duffy

Staff of Perrin Leather Co Ltd pose for a colourised photograph outside the works in the 1970s (?). Not many names are known - but at left is Ken Chislett and front row third from right is George Weeks.


Courtesy of Lynda Duffy

Lynda's dad, Ken Chislett, at the left. Photographed in the 1970s (?)


Courtesy of Lynda Duffy

Skins drying in the drying loft, photographed in the 1970s (?)


The notice of liquidation placed in the 26 November 1980 edition of the London Gazette.