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Albert Henry John Stroud

Leather Parer and Yeovil's first Labour Mayor


Albert Henry John Stroud was born in Milborne Port in 1878. He was the eldest of the nine children of leather parer Albert James Stroud (b1852) and Emma née Payne. Albert and Emma's children were; Albert, Ethel M (b1880), Ellen (b1882), Agnes (b1884), Lucy (b1888), Ivy Gertrude (b1890), Gladys Lilian (b1892), William Henry (b1893) and Sybil Linda (b1896).

While Albert Jnr was still a toddler, the family moved to Yeovil and in the 1881 census, Albert and Emma, together with Albert Jnr and Ethel, were listed in Hallett's Gardens (off Huish). Albert Jnr went to school at Huish Boy's School when it came under the Yeovil School Board.

The family were still in Hallett's Gardens (No 3) in the following 1891 census, with all but the last two children. 13-year old Albert was working as an errand boy, and had been since the age of 11, working for Benjamin Penny in the Borough (now Clement White's premises).

In the winter of 1899, at Yeovil, Albert married Eleanor Culliford Bishop (1876-1953), originally from Battersea, London. They were to have four children: Lillian May (b1903), Leonard Frank (1904-1997), Ethel Eleanor Mary (1906-1914) and Freda Rosetta E (b1907).

In the 1901 census, Albert and Eleanor were listed at 12 Gordon Road. Albert gave his occupation as a glove leather parer. By the time of the 1911 census the family, now with all four children, were living at 46 Sherborne Road. Albert was still working as a leather parer. Albert worked for Atherton & Clothier of Court Ash and rose to become a foreman wheeler at their factory. Albert and Eleanor had moved to 29 Eastland Road by 1914, but later moved to 47 Glenville Road.

With a strong interest in local politics, especially as viewed from the perspective of the working man, Albert was first elected as a member of the Borough Council in November 1919. He was made an Alderman in November 1926. His impressive list of roles in public service are included in the 1932 newspaper report below (see Gallery).

In 1932 Albert became the first Labour mayor of Yeovil, being re-elected and serving as mayor until 1935.

Eleanor Stroud died in Yeovil in the spring of 1953, aged 77. Albert Stroud died on 7 November 1958 at South Petherton hospital. He was aged 80.




Courtesy of Chris Rendell

The boys entrance to the National Board School in Huish, where Albert attended as a young lad. Photographed in 1985. The stone plaque 'Boys' above the entrance is now affixed to the side wall and the main building has now been incorporated into the Tesco store.


The report on Albert being nominated for mayor, from the 14 October 1932 edition of the Western Gazette.