Yeovil Trades & Traders

Yeovil Traders

List of Sources & Abbreviations

The following sources were used to compile the list of Yeovil Traders.

CAC-year Chantry Accounts
CJ-year Cruttwell's Journal
CWA-year Churchwardens' Accounts
CYD-year Collins' Yeovil Directory
DD-year Denton's Directory
D-year Deed
ESD-year Edwin Snell & Sons Directory
FBM-year Fire Brigade Minutes
FD-year Foord's Directory
GM-year Gentleman's Magazine
HB-year Handbill
HCD-year Hunt & Co Directory
HHD-year Harrison Harrod Directory
HH-year Homeland Handbook
IND-year Indenture
INS-year Insurance Document
JL-year Jury List
K-year Kelly's Trade Directory
LCH Leonard Hayward's Notes
LEJB Leslie Brooke's Notes
LTR-year Land Tax Returns
NWC Nathan "Annals of West Coker"
OSM-year Ordnance Survey Map
PHO-year Photograph (dated)
PIG-year Pigot's Trade Directory
POD-year Post Office Directory
PRB-year Poor Rate Book
QS-year Quarter Sessions
RD-year Robson's Directory
ROE-year Register of Electors
RV-year Register of Voters
SBD-year Somerset & Bristol Directory
SC-1968 Somerset Clockmakers p75
SCS-1789 Survey of the County of Somerset 1789
SDNQ Somerset & Dorset Notes & Queries
SD-year Slater's Directory
SGD-year Somerset Gazette Directory
SJ-year Sherborne Journal
SM-year Sherborne Mercury
SOM-year Somerset Directory
TA-year Tithe Apportionment
TCM-year Town Commissioners' Minutes
TT-year Trade Token
UBD-year Universal British Directory
VIC-1856 Vickery "Sketch of Yeovil"
WFP-year Western Flying Post
WGA-year Western Gazette Almanac
WG-year Western Gazette  
WIL-year Will
WM-year Woborn Muniments
WTB-year Where To Buy
W-year Whitby's Yeovil Almanack Advertiser
YCT-1954 Yeovil Centenary Trades Fair Programme
YD-year Yeovil Directory
YES-year Yeovil Express & Star
YPU-year "Yeovil Political Union" Booklet
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