yeovil at War

Postcards to the front

Sent to Sid Jackson from his loved ones at home


The following is a series of postcards, all from my collection and typical of the period, sent to Sid Jackson of King Street from his mum and his sweetheart Dolly during 1915. Sid also lived briefly at the Police House, 1 West Street, but his mum and Dolly both lived in Glastonbury.

This may have been Sydney Jackson who served as a Lance-Corporal in the Corps of Military Police (Sid Jackson of the cards is known to have been a policeman). If it is the same man, he died on 14 October 1918, aged 26, and is buried at Cairo War Memorial Cemetery.

Again, if this is the same man, his name is not on the War Memorial in the Borough probably because his mum and Dolly lived in Glastonbury. His name is on the Glastonbury War Memorial.