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William Henry Mayo was born in December 1826 in Old Sarum House, on the corner of Park Road and Princes Street. In the 1841 census these were called Mayo’s Lane and Hendford respectively since the original Borough boundary had run along the centre of what is now called Princes Street, the buildings on the western side were known as being in Hendford.

William was baptised at St John's church on 26 December 1826. He was the son of glove manufacturer John Ryall Mayo (1792-1870) and his second wife, Penelope Worsfold Randall (1804-1867). William's father would later become Yeovil's first Mayor.

He was educated at Bruton School and was quite a fine sportsmen, and excelled at athletics and rugby. In 1880 he was the President of the rugby club.

William was not living at home with his family at the time of the 1841 census, but was presumably at boarding school. By the time of the following 1851 census, William was a 'visitor' at the home of solicitor's clerk Charles Flacke and his family in Islington, Middlesex. William gave his occupation as an articled clerk to a solicitor.

In the spring of 1857, at Wilton, Wiltshire, William married Sarah Woodcock (1832-1913). They were to have nine children; Penelope Mary (b1858), Patrick William (1860-1944), John Alderson (1860-1943), Katherine Maud (1862-1928), Edith Adelaide (1863-1948), Eleanor (1864-1953), Walter Spencer (1865-1897), Frederick John (b1866) and Thomas Worsfold (1868-1948). The first three children were all born in Ballyhooly, Cork, Ireland, while the other children were all born in Burcombe, Wiltshire.

During the 1870s and certainly by 1875, 74-year old Yeovil solicitor, John Slade, took on 47-year old William Henry Mayo and 25-year old William Marsh as partners. The new firm of Slade, Mayo & Marsh operated from 4 Church Street. On John Slade's retirement, the firm was renamed Mayo & Marsh with William Mayo's son, Patrick William Mayo joining as a new partner. Mayo & Marsh were listed as 'Solicitors of Church Street' in Whitby's 1882 Yeovil Almanack Advertiser.

During the late 1880s William Marsh left the firm to set up his own firm, and at this time Mayo & Marsh became Mayo & Son.

In 1888, William was appointed as a Borough Magistrate.

By 1895 William Henry Mayo had retired and Mayo & Son was being run by his two sons; Patrick William Mayo and John Anderson Mayo.

Following his retirement, William and Sarah moved to Seaton, Devon. The 1901 census recorded them, Penelope, Eleanor and Thomas together with three servants at 1 Castle Hill, Seaton.

William died in Seaton on 3 February 1902, aged 75. His effects were valued at £29,601 (in excess of £3 million at today's value). Sarah died in Seaton during the winter of 1913. She was aged 82.


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This photograph features in my book 'Yeovil From Old Photographs'

Old Sarum House, Princes Street - the birthplace of William Mayo in 1826. This photograph dates to about 1910 when the house was still a private residence.


The entry of William's baptism in St John's parish register.


4 Church Street, built in the 1840s probably as offices with accommodation over for John Slade. From 1875, to solicitor's firm Slade, Mayo & Marsh operated from. Photographed in 2014.