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1645 will of Roger Penny

of Hinford Penn


I doe bequeath my soule into the handes of God that gave itt me and my body to be decently buried in the Church Yarde I doe bequeath unto my Daughter Joan Peny Tenn Poundes to be payd six monthes after my decease but if she dye within that tyme and have [word illegible] childe livinge itt shall [rebounde?] to the use of the childe and I doe give to Thomas Pennye childe borne of my daughter Joan body her first borne beit sonne or daughter the house on Hinford Penn adioyninge to Thomas Masters house on the North side after my wife I doe bequeath to my daughter Edith Forty pounds of Lawful English money to be paid her at Twelve monthes and one day after my decease and the house after my wife which is now in the possession of Lawrence Odams and Stephen Triptree and the biggest Silver Spoons and the [word illegible] Flaggon and one of my biggest plaites the half bible likewise I doe give unto her [a?] bedd and bedsteade the flocke bolster A paire of sheetes a blankett the [word illegible] My will is that my daughter Edith have all this in one yeare and A day after my decease except the house the spoons and flaggon if Edith happen to dye before she receives her portion within Twelve Monthes if I Leave not my wife with chylde then my daughter Joan shall have halfe her sisters portion both of money and goods And if I leave my wife with childe whether Edith do live or dye that childe shall have halfe her money Twenty pound if my daughter Edeth doe dye before the one Yeare be out then the other Twenty pounde and halfe the goods shall remaine to my daughter Joan but if that childe be borne and buryed within five years then it shall remaine all to my daughter Edith if she be livinge if dead then it remaines to my wife I do make my wife whole Executor to pay my Legacies and my debts and to take the rest I doe bequeath unto my Cosin Peter Streat Tenn shillinges to my Cosin Edeth Streat twenty shillinges and to my two Cosins Barnard Odams and Mary Odams five shillinges a peece I do desire my brother John Penny and my brother John Toogood to bee my Overseers and doe give them Six shillinges a peece to be payed If my daughter Joan dye childles within six monthes the money shall returne to my wife this is my last will and testament written in perfect health and memory in the fifth day of September Anno di One thousand six hundred Forty Five


Proved at London in 1646


 Transcribed by Bob Osborn