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1726 Will & Schedules of Jane Jeanes



Jane Jeanes was the widow of malster John Jeanes who was buried at St John's churchyard on 19 March 1726. Jane died the following year and was buried in the churchyard on 14 November 1727. The couple were undoubtedly of high standing in the community, since in St John's parish register he was referred to as Mr John Jeanes and she as Mrs Jean [sic[ Jeanes - being titled Mr and Mrs in the register, while not unique, was extremely unusual.

Also very unusual, is the fact that Jane appended two schedules to her will, containing details of her possessions, room by room.


The 14 November 1727 entry of burial of Mrs Jean [sic] Jeans in St John's parish register.


The 1726 will of Jane Jeanes

In the Name of God Amen I Jane Jeanes of Yeovill in the County of Somersett Widow Relict and Executrix of the last Will and Testament of John Jeanes late of the same place dec[eas]ed calling to mind the uncertainty of this present life and certainty of that to come doe make this my last Will and testament in the manner and Form Following and in the First place I desire to be decently buryed and as near as may be in the manner my said late husband was in the next place I give and bequeath to the poor of the Parish of Yeovill five pounds to be paid within one Month after my decease Item I give devise and bequeath to the severall persons hereafter named the severall legacies Sume and Sumes of money following viz to my son in Law William Goodford to my Nephews Thomas Burford and John Burford to my Neice the wife of James Withycombe and to her son John ten pounds apeice To my Neice Elizabeth Monkton Forty pounds in money and my Green Curtains and Vallance in the Old Hall Chamber to my Cousin Jane Bellamy five pounds to my Couzen Maery Moores what she owes me and as much more as will make the same up five pounds to my CousinSarah Slade five pounds to my Cousen Ann Slade five pounds on Condition that she does not Marry one Butts between whome and her the Bands of Matrimony have been Published to my Cousin Eliz[abe]th Slade the Truckle Bedsted in the Old Hall Chamber and all belonging to it and ten pounds in money on Condition that she does not Marry John Glide a Leather Parer of Yeovill but in case Either my said Cousins Ann or Eliza[be]th Slade shall Marry as above then I will the Legacy or Legacies soe as before respectively designed her or them soe Marrying to be [aid and unto and amongst their other Sisters the said Jane Bellamy Mary Moore and Sarah Slade before named to be equally divided between them To my Cousin Rich[ar]d Slade soe much as will make up what he owes me five pounds exclusive of his Bond To Mary Slade his Mother five pounds to be paid on such times and on such occasions as my Executors herein after named shall think most for her advantage To Anne Shawe daughter of Thomas Shawe late of Corton deceased five pounds all which Legacies I direct shall be respectively paid and delivered by my Executors hereafter named at the end of twelve months after my decease Item I give to my son and daughter Goodford to my nephew Thomas Burford and his wife To my nephew John Burford my Neice Withycombe and to Mary the wife of William Fowler of Yeovill aforesaid a Ring a piece of a Guinea Price Item all the rest and residue of my Estate reall and Personall whatsoever and wheresoever of what nature kind or Quality soever I give devise and bequeath to my said Nephews Thomas Burford and John Burford and the Executor & Administrator of the Survivor of them upon the trust and to for the uses intents and purposes following (that is to say) in the first place in trust to permit and suffer my said daughter to have and enjoy the use of all my Goods Plate Linnen and other things mentioned in the first Schedule to this my Will annext (by me signed) for and dureing the Terme of her naturall life and also in Trust to pay her the Interest and produce of all such Sume & Sumes of money on Securitys for money my said Trustees shall make thereof the same to be paid unto her own proper hands for her sole & separate use (notwithstanding her Coverture) and her receipt alone shall from time to time be a good discharge And I will that the same be not lyable to the controul debts or demands of her now or any future husband and it is my further Will and mind in case my said daughter shall Survive her present husband and shall dye unmarried and shall have no Child living at the time of her death that she may by her Will or otherwise at her death dispose of my said goods Plate Linnen money Securitys for money and other things as she pleases But in case it shall happen that she shall have a Husband or a Child or Children living at the time of her death then it is my Will and mind that she shall not have any Power to dispose of the same or any part thereof But in case she shall leave one or more Child or Children then and in such case I give & bequeath all my said goods Plate Linnen money Securitys for money and other things to such Child or Children to be equally divided between them But in case my said daughter shall leave no Child or Children liveing at the time of her death or in case she shall have a husband then living I give devise and bequeath my whole Estate Goods Plate Linnen money Securitys for money and other things (Except such as are mentioned and contained in the second Schedule to this my Will annext) to my said Nephews Thomas and John Burford and the Executors or Administrators of the Survivors of them xxxx in order to their retaining and keeping to his and their own proper use such part thereof as he or they please and to dispose of the residue thereof to and amongst such other of my Relations as they shall think most agreeable to my intention and it is my Will and mind that in case my said daughter shall dye without Issue that such part of my goods and other things as are mentioned and contained in the before mentioned Second Schedule shall remaine and be enjoyed by the Person who is next intitled to the house wherein I now live and to be removed from thence but to go along therewith and I give the same to such Person it being so intended by my late husband tho[ugh] omitted in his Will and lastly I make constitute and appoint my said Trustees Thomas Burford and John Burford Executors of this my Will In Trust and confidence that they will fulfill and perform the same and I do hereby revoke and make null and void all former Wills by me heretofore made and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament as Witness my hand and Seale this twenty eighth day of November in the Year of our Lord Christ One thousand seven hundred twenty and six

Jane Jeanes

Signed Sealed Published and declared by the said Testatrix to be her last will and Testament in the presence of us who have in her presence and in the presence of each other Sett our hands in Testimony thereof

Eliz Knight     Ann Knight     Tho Knight


The first Schedule referred unto in my Will annext

In the New Hall Chamber
A Feather Bed, Bedsted, Bolster, two Pillows, two Blanketts and one Quilt, the Curtains and Vallence trimmed with Red & White Lace, One Chest one Trunk one Chest of Drawers one hanging looking Glass and another Small one, one Livery Cubboard, half a Dozen Flagg Bottom Chairs one Armed Chair of the same with a Cushion two pair of Stamped Linnen Window Curtains one pair of Doggs with Brass heads Fire Shovell and Tongs

In the Passage Chamber
A Bedsted Feather Bed two Bolsters two Blankets One Red Rugg red Curtains trimmed with Red and Yellow Fringe two Truncks and three Little Boxes

In my own Lodging Chamber
A Bedsted Feather Bed two Bolsters one Feather the other [dust ?], Three Pillows two Blanketts one Red Rugg Yellow Curtains Trimmed with red and yellow Fringe One Close Stoole and Pann One Trunk one Coffer one Press for Cloaths one Round Painted Box a little Firr Box one Flatt Oaken box

In the Old Hall Chamber
A Bedsted Feather Bed two Bolsters one Pillow two Blanketts one Green Rugg Curtains trimmed with Yellow and Green Lace and Fringe green Window Curtains half a dozen Chairs covered with Stuffe yellow and green Fringe one Armed wrought Chair three old Chairs Covered with Flowered Silk and [Hod ?] Stuff coverings three Stools of the same one Cypruss Chest one Carved oaken Chest one Oaken Box or Coffer or Livery Cupboard a Press for Cloaths an Oaken Table two Flatt headed Brass Doggs Fire Shovell and Tongs.

In Richards Chamber
A Bedsted Feather Bed two Bolsters two Blanketts one Painted Coverled Ols Striped Curtains One Truckle Bedsted eight Joint Stooles one old Reeden Chair one Coffer one little Trunk covered with Painted Paper a pair of Virginalls a pair of Iron Doggs. every Room where there is a Feather Bed there is a Dust Bed under it

In the Little Room within
One Oaken Box.

In the New Hall
Two large round Tables light Flagg bottomed Chairs one Armed chair of the same, one armed oaken Chair and Cushion which was my Mother Burfords a hollow worked Fruit Basin One Delph Jugg with a Cover one Smaller without, a Pair of Flatt headed Iron Doggs fire shovell and Tongs some Mapps Pictures and [Ischuteons ?] one Iron Back.

In the Old Hall
Two large round Tables one small one. a Settle a Livery Cupboard Six Flagg Bottom Chairs one armed Oaken Chair one armed Wicker Chair, a Clock and Case one pair of Brass headed Doggs fire Shovell and Tongs a Picture in a Frame.

In the Kitchen and outhouses
Two dozen of Pewter Dishes three dozen and halfe of Pewter plates eight Potts one Brass the other seven Bell Metal Six Skilletts, 3 Brass, 3 Bell Metal, 2 Brass Pans, 2 Brass Kettels one larger the other smaller, five Spitts four pair of Pot Crooks, Six crooks to hang potts on, 2 Toasting Irons, Gridiron, 2 pair of Tongs one Fire Shovell a pair of Bellowes two Skimmers, 4 Basting Ladles 3 Warming Panns, onme Iron dripping Pann, one Pair of Brass Candlesticks, 4 Iron Candlesticks, one Table, 3 Joint Stools, one Settle, one dozen and half of Patty Pans, a pair of Latin Snuffersand Snuff Pan, one [Jack ?], 2 more large Kettles, and 2 small ones, 2 more Brass Pans, 2 Brewing Vatts, 2 Washing Tubs, 3 Trindles, 3 deep Coolers, 40 Hogsheads, 5 Butts, and 16 half hogsheads for Cyder a Mill to Grind Apples, a Cyder Wring two large Pales and two small ones.

In the under Ground Cellar
Five half hogsheads for Beer.

In the Steen house Buttery.
Two halfe hogsheads for Beer, three small Vessells for Beer.

One Silver Bowle a little Silver Sugar Dish, six good Silver Spoons and two old ones.

Linnen in the Chest of Drawers in the New Hall Chamber.
Thirteen Diaper Napkins, 4 Diaper Table Cloaths, one fringed Cupboard Cloath Holland another Diaper, six holland pillowbeers one Holland Sheet.

In the Trunk there.
Four pair of Sheets.

In the Old Hall Chamber in the Coffer.
Three pair of Sheets One Dozen of Diaper Napkins one dozen of Coarse ones and one Diaper Table Cloath.

In the Trunk in the Maids Chamber
Five pair of Course Sheets. 3 pair of Course Pillowbeers one pair of fine ones, three Towells one Dozen of Huckaback Napkins one Tble Cloath of the same six Flaxen Napkins, one Table Cloath of the same one dozen of Course Napkins. Three Table Cloaths.

In a Lesser Trunk there.
Three pair of Course Sheets, 3 Bolster Cloaths


Jane Jeanes

Witness.   Eliz Knight     Ann Knight     Tho Knight


The Second Schedule referred unto in my Will annext containing the things to be left to the house according to my late Husbands intention though not expressed in his Will.

In the Old Hall Chamber.
The Livery Cupboard, the Carved Oaken Chest, the Oaken Coffer and Box, three Chairs with red Coverings, and three Stools of the same the Carved Bedsted.

In my own Chamber
An Oaken Chest for Cloaths, the Bedsted Bed and Beding Curtains and Vallence.

In the Maids Chamber
The Trunk at the Beds Feet.

In Richards Room.
The Bedsted Curtains and Vallence. The Reeden Chair, half a Dozen of the Oldest Joint Stools, about the house.

In the Old Hall
The Oaken Armed Chair, the Clock and Case, the Middle [Sized ?] Table and the Livery Cupboard.

In the New Hall
The least of the two Tables.

In the Kitchen and Outhouses
Three Horses for Barrells, an old Silting Trough the bacon Rack one Spitt the pair of Iron Doggs, one Fire Shovell and one pair of Tongs the Dresser and Shelves over an Old Brass Pann, two Bell Mettal Potts one Large the other Less, the Settle Chairs and Little Oaken Stool with a Cover to it. the old Jack one Pair of Pott Crooks and one Sliding Crook, the furnace pan, one Basting Ladle one Skinner, one Kettle holding two Gallons, one Brewing Vatt, two Deep Tubbs. two Trindles twenty hogsheads one Butt the Mill to Grind Apples the Cyder Wring and all that belongs to it,Six Pewtger Platters and Six Plates the Pump & Trough

Sixold Diaper Napkins Six Course ones and Table Cloath and one pair of Sheets


Jane Jeanes

Witness.   Eliz Knight     Ann Knight     Tho Knight


Proved at London, 1728



Transcribed by Bob Osborn