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Eden's FISH & CHIP Saloon

One of Yeovil's earliest chippies


Now a Thai takeaway in South Street near the junction with Bond Street and Addlewell Lane, in the 1880's and 1890's this building was the small glove factory of Blake, Hitchcock & Raymond.

In 1905 Eden's was being advertised as 'under new management' (see Gallery) and by 1907 Collins' Yeovil Directory was listing it as Mr W Eden's fried fish shop and by 1954 it was advertised as W Eden & Sons 'Fish and Chip Saloon' in Edwin Snell's Directory.

Eden's fish and chip shop closed in the 1960's at a time when many of us will remember that fish and chips were invariably wrapped in yesterday's newspaper! It then became 'Seafoods' fish & chip restaurant in the late 1960s.

It is now Lamjuan Thai restaurant and takeaway.




An advertisement placed in the 24 November 1905 edition of the Western Chronicle stating that Eden's was under new management.


Courtesy of South Somerset District Council

Eden's photographed around 1960.


Looking down on Eden's Fish & Chip shop and the shop on the corner of Bond Street and South Street seen from Penn Hill above the houses of Park Street.


Courtesy of South Somerset District Council

In the later 1960s, as seen here, Eden's became the 'Seafoods' fish and chips restaurant.


Photographed by Doug Keyse, courtesy of Andy Keyse

The 1968 St George's Day parade passing Eden's (at centre) and Bond Street at left. Shortly after this photograph Mr Head's small corner shop was demolished, along with the house next to it, in order to improve vehicle access to Bond Street.


Eden's Fish & Ship Saloon remained a fast food emporium. Photographed in 2013.


.... and today (2018) it is a Thai restaurant and takeaway.