Glovers Arms






Brunswick Street


This was the first Glovers Arms, another short-lived beerhouse, this one initially run by run by Henry Sydenham, but later by Robert Hickman. The 1839 location noted France Street but I've not yet managed to locate it but it is believed to have been an alternative name for part of Brunswick Street. Brunswick Street itself was laid out and built between 1825 and 1834, so this beerhouse was in an almost new building on an almost new road.

The Glovers Arms (1) had, apparently, closed during the late 1840s. The Glovers Arms (2) had been the farmhouse of Samuel Isaac and only became licensed premises after his death in 1849.

The first landlord, Henry Sydenham, opened the beerhouse within two years of the passing of the Beerhouse Act. The only reference to him I found was when he was fined £3 (around £290 at today's value) for allowing gambling at his establishment.

Robert Hickman was born around 1800 in Axminster, Devon, and the 1841 census lists him as a beerhouse keeper with his wife, Elizabeth, and their four children; Henry, Emily, Pamela and Augustus. By 1851 Robert was living in Park Street with Augustus and 7-year old daughter and working as a glover. Elizabeth had died in 1848 and it is probable that she had run the beerhouse during the day and Robert took over in the evening. After her death, with two young children to look after, he probably wasn't able to run the beerhouse as well as work as a glover.




A snippet from the 6 February 1832 edition of the Western Flying Post.


A snippet from the 24 February 1840 edition of the Western Flying Post.




Henry Sydenham (Newspaper report above)
Licensee not named (Robson's 1835 Directory - Beer Houses) listed as Glovers Arms, Brunswick Street

Robert Hickman – Beer Retailer (Robson’s 1839 Directory) listed in France Street

Robert Hickman (Somerset Gazette Directory 1840 - Beer Houses) listed as Glovers Arms, Brunswick Street  

1841 Robert Heckman - Beer House Keeper (1841 census) pub not named but in Brunswick Street

1841 Robert Hickman – Retailer of Beer (Pigot’s 1842-4 Directory)