Sale of Yeovil Household Goods, 1520

Sale of Household Goods, 1520

An early house clearance sale


The following sale of goods, in 189 lots, was recorded in the accounts of the Churchwardens and Proctors of Yeovil, Thomas Yerlych and Wylliam Marchaunt in 1520. The sale was of goods bequeathed by John Smith, the late Parish Clerk, and Joan, his wife, to St John's church "to be prayd for & to be sett in the comen mynde". The placing of names on the bede, or bid, roll, so that the testator could be brought to the 'common mind' annually, was a universal practice in pre-Reformation England. The names were read from the pulpit by a priest or the clerk and bedeman, and in Yeovil the two latter also recited the list around the streets of the town, alms in the form of bread and ale being distributed at the same time.

The value of the list lies not only in the household items sold, together with the prices of the day, but it also offers a list of names of Yeovilians of 1520, possibly not found elsewhere.

As a rough guide to the value of the items, 12d (one shilling) is worth about £30 at today's value.


The list of sale items

12d Imprimis Recevyd of Petyr Cooke for capons and hennys
4d Item rec. of William Marchaunt for a pair of gold weygths (Goldsmith's scales)
2d for a payll & a balling stoke (? A frame for winding balls)
1d John Thomas for an old peyr of pyncers
1d Jone Bellame for a sefe
1d Peter Cooke for a fyre panne
14d Thomas Stalbreg for the levying of ale money
4d Margaret Dowlys for a morter and trenchers
1d for a towyng yre (iron)
4s 0d Thomas Stalbreg for (illegible)
6d for a shered helyng (material cut out, but not made up)
4d for a mantell coote
4d Syr Walter parish prest for a dublet of chamlet (camel-hair doublet)
2d John Bachler clarke for an yren weg
8d Thomas Edmund for a staynyd cloth and for a brend yre (branding iron)
8d for 2 pelow
7d for a brondes (stand for supporting a pot or kettle over a fire)
13d John Bachler clarke for an old pylch (furred gown ) and a pelow
4d for a blankett
6d for 2 gredyrons and a cotrell (an adjustable pot-hook)
½d Thomas Tydnam for a coope
12d John Browne for a box a forset (a spigot or tap for barrels) and wyghtts
2½d for a forset
4s 0d William Weston for a tawney gowne
8d for 2 sherthys (shirts)
6d Syr Water for a tabyll cloth
1d Rich Alwyn for a box
10d for an old carpett
15d Dany Janson for 2 old staynyd clothys
3d Jone Ottrey for a troo (trough)
1½d William Marchaunt for small weygthys
1d William Carpynter for a belle
5d for a cooten (a coat?)
16d Thomas Stalbreg for 2 pewter potts and a forsett
16d John Dordo for 5 potts
6d the same John for yron
1d for a pair of sherys (shoes)
1½d Katerine Wyett for a lace
2d for a hedbon
1½d Katerine Wyett for a peyr of balances
6d Henry Key for do
4½d Henry Key for 3 leddyn weygthys of 7lb
2d for broken ledd
3d for a pap pane (bowl or dish for bread and milk, etc) and an old skimer
6d John Hoore barbor for a coverlet a banke (a bed cover) and 6 coshins
4d for an old banker and whypcorde
10d William Wynne for 14lb weygth of ledd
8d for a lyttel panne
½d for an old sack
2d for a box
16d Wylliam Dowt for a posnett (a porringer or small pot with handle)
12d Wylliam Wynne for a bockett with a chayne
4d for a salt
1½d for a peyre of balance of plate
3d for a hamper
10d John Bachler clarke for a posnet weyng 4lb
13d (illegible) Bacstons daughter for a silken grydyll
13d for a peyr of hokes of sylver
5d for a shyrt
16d for a shette
3½d for 7lb of old yron
12d William Stalbreg for a shyrt and a smoke
3½d for an old shyrt
3s 6d Raffe Crebe for a peyr of bedes of ambyr of 8 sett with 8 sylver stonys
4d for a panyer
6d for a kerchew
10d for (illegible) kerchers and a bygon (child's bonnet or nightcap)
1d for an old cloth
9d for 2 nysetts (a shawl) a neckerchew and a begon
12d Syr Wylliam Grobham for a bonett
3d Margaret Knythstone for a bonet
1½d Jone Huntt for a lynyng
4d the sayd Jone for a nysett and a napkyn
3d Alys Jaclett for 2 neckerchers
1½d John Whether for a neckercher
1½d Rich Pety for a peyr of thrydren hooss (laced hose) & a nyset
3d Alys Parker for a frontlet (a headband)
4d Thomas Say for a bonett
4½d Rich Baker for 7lbs wegth
6d Jone Lokyer for a candyllstyk
3d Frenshe Maryon for a chylds shyrt
12d Thomas Roper for 2 candyllstykes
3d  Joihn Wayle for di. C wegth (a ½ hundredweight)
3s 8d the same John for a beme of yren and a quarter wetgth
3s 3d Thomas Wever for a grene gowne
4d Robert Stockton for a quart potte
13d John Wyett for a chafur (a saucepan)
11s 0d William Gedney for a tawney gaberdyn and a womans gown
2s 0d Henry Welfore for a tabylbord 2 tresylls & 2 formys
2s 8d Thomas Tayler for 2 staynyd clothys and a pack sadell pannell
3d Thomas Hogges for a hamper
2d Wylliam Bradney for a candyllstyk
4d John Waythe for 2c. Gawdys of glasse (200 glass beads)
18d Thomas Stalbreg for a standard full of ale
2d for a standard
3d Wylliam Walter for a broche (a spit)
3d for an old payntyd cloth (cheap substitute for tapestry, used for wall hangings to keep out draughts and also as bed covers)
6d Syr Thomas Sebrege for a cawdron
12d Jone Browne for a torne (spinning wheel) and a kome
1d for a trame (a beam)
1d for a ballyng stocke
12d Lyonell Carter for a shete
2d for an old helyng (a covering)
20d John Thomas for a peyre of shetts
8d Lionell Cartar for a tub
2½d for 2 pelows
2d for cuppis
6d William Marchaunt for a plater of erthe
½d for a pyncas (a hinge)
14d Wylliam Wodhell for a brason pane
8d for 3 pelows
5d William Welfar for an erthen plater
4d the sayd William for a nerthyn dysh
4d Wylliam Carpynter for a nerthyn podynger
1d Peter Cooke for a horse comb
2d Thomas Stalbreg for yron bokyls
12d John Browne for a peyr of balances and 2 swathyn bonds
4d for a coten (a coat)
6d Ruth Alwyn for all yrys and whyevys (unknown meaning)
12d John Correy for a lytyll coofer
2s 0d Wylliam Marchaunt for a peyr of balances
21s 2d John Durdo for 37lb of pewter
2s 0d Thomas Stalbreg for a bedsted and a staynyd cloth
5d John Browne for 7 gyrdylls and a swathyng bond
3d Jone Wyseman for a cheye stole (a chaise stool?)
½d the same for 2 small klewys of yerne (clevis = iron shackles)
½d for a grate
1d for a brech (a spit)
1½d for a rele
4d   for 2 lytyll boketts
4d for old brasse
6d Thomas Stalbreg for wod
4d   Wylliam Welfare for a brewyn horse
2d for a droggyn sefe (probably a draining sieve used in brewing)
2½d for a cowpe
1d for a stoke
2d for a tenger (a tunnegar / tinnegar = a funnel)
1d Petyr Cooke for the body of an old coote
6s 0d the said Petyr for a choburd
6d for a pelyow
2d for hempe and 2 shelff clothys
1d for a shakell
1½d for a sack
1d for a barell
2d for a henne rowste of Thomas Edmunds
2d for a matt
1d Rich Yeste for a tre with redyn  (unknown meaning)
16d Isabell Gubbys for a pety coote
7s 6d William Marchant for a blew gowne
2s 4d Rec. of Thomas Tydman for a cupbord
5s 4d Raffe Crebbe for a peyr of beedes of coorell of 5 sett
12s 6d Raffe Crebbe for 5 broken sponys and 2 aglettes (pendant dress ornaments) of sylver weyng 3 ownss and 3½ quarters
14d John Wats for 9lps of old brasse
3s 1d John Parker for a coofer
17d Wylliam Huntt for an old coofer
14d Thomas Kele for a chafyngdysh
3s 4d Robert Stockton for a blew gowne
8d the said Robert for a goss panne
3d Thomas Wever for a dublet
1½d Alys Jaclet for a brech
8d John Wale for 5 locks
8d John Cuppe for old yron and a cawdron
1½d Jone Kyng for a sylver aglett
3d Alys Harvy for 2 gallons of ale
½d Agnes Stenett for a peyr of beedes
½d Rich. Grey for a peyr of beedes
2s 6d John Pynne for 2 shetts
6d John Bachler for a towell and a box
20d Alys Jacklet for a shett
6d Jone Hunt for a cappe
1d Margot Jaclet for a hedbond
4½d Jone Styll for 3 quarters of cresse cloth (Cyprus cloth, a fine linen)
3d Alys Jaclet for an apren
2s 2d Marget Jaclett for a towell and a shett
6d John Ledham for 2 byggons and a nysett
2½d Mich. Barnard for a cryson (a cruse, a small vessel for wine)
20d Edyth Inlot for 2 pelow beres
4d John Beecheham for a peyr of chyldren hoosse and shewys and 3 napkyns
2s 4d John Dore for 2 towells and a hedbond
2s 11d Alys Gawyn for 3 shetts
12d John Locke for shelfbordes
14d William Hygdon for trashegere (either a billhook or remnants of the sale)
12s 8d John Wyett for 2 pelow berys and a peyr of coorell beedes gawdy with silver
16s 0d the said John for 2 coofers
2s 0d William Dowt for a cofer
9d Rich. Pety for a barre of yron
3s 10d Thomas Kele for a dublet
5d William Carpynter for a floke bedde
5s 8d William Tylle for a gaberdyne
12d Hew North for a peyre of hooss
3s 4d William Hunt for 16 pownd of wolle
£33 15s 9d Summa totalis recepcionum istius Anni