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Records of all denominations in Yeovil


  • Please bear in mind that the following transcriptions may be incomplete since the original registers tend to have frequent gaps.

  • Also, these are transcriptions and transcribers can make errors - always check original documents for absolute accuracy.

  • When searching remember that spellings were somewhat cavalier compared with today, so always try alternative spellings - for example 'DIX' and 'DICKS', etc.

  • If in doubt, search on part of the name. For example a search for 'LEVER' will find entries for LEVERIDGE, LEVEREDGE, LEVERAGE, etc.

  • Please note that, for ease of searching, I have expanded all first name contractions. So, for example, I use William for Wm, Willm, George for Geo, Elizabeth for Eliz, Thomas for Tho or Thos, etc. Surnames are transcribed as found.













Register of Quaker marriages in Yeovil, 1659 to 1721