the history of yeovil's pubs





six bells (2)

Vicarage Street


This Six Bells should not be confused with the first Six Bells - a short-lived alehouse at a different, unknown, location.

This, the second Six Bells, was a beerhouse in Vicarage Street but very little is known about it but I've given it its own page because it was a named establishment.



Sarah Sprake was born about 1785 in Yeovil and is first mentioned as licensee of the Six Bells in the beerhouses section of the 1840 Somerset Gazette directory. She was listed in the 1841 census but, not unusual for women at this time, her occupation was not listed. Living with her was her seven-year old son, Robert. Sarah was probably the widow of Robert Sprake who died in Yeovil in 1839. Pigot's Directory of 1842 listed her as a retailer of beer but by the time of the 1851 census she was living in Kiddles Lane (today's Eastland Road) off Reckleford with her son Frederick and his family. Sarah died in the spring of 1854.




1835 – Licensee not listed (Robson's 1835 Somerset Directory - Beer Houses) listed as Six
            Bells, Vicarage Street
1840 – Sarah Sprake (1840 Somerset Gazette Directory - Beer Houses) listed as Six Bells,
            Vicarage Street
1841 – Sarah Sprake (1841 census) listed as Vicarage Street
1842 – Sarah Sprake – Retailer of Beer (Pigot's 1842 Directory) listed as Vicarage Street