where in yeovil?

where in yeovil is this? 

So, you think you know Yeovil? Check out these little quizzes


These will test your knowledge of Yeovil. Most of the items included here have probably been here longer than you and you've probably walked past them loads of times without realising. Why not check 'em out next time you are having a wander around Yeovil?

Each of the following pages has a photograph and all you have to do is guess where in Yeovil it is. As a general clue many of the photos in the quizzes, although by no means all, appear within this website. The answer is at the very, very bottom of each page and the "next" arrow will take you to the next item in the quiz.

Each quiz has fifteen photos but when you get back to this page you know you've finished the current quiz.


Quiz 1 - Fairly Easy to Moderately Difficult

Quiz 2 - Moderately Difficult to Quite Hard

Quiz 3 - Are you serious? or is this a joke?

Quiz 4 - Some easy, some not quite so easy