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bear inn

Location Unknown


The Bear Inn flourished in Yeovil between 1645 and 1746 as testified by the following documentation.

It would appear that Christopher Allembridge the elder (mentioned in a document dated 1634 as a 'Tobacconist of Evill') was landlord, or possibly the owner, of the Bear Inn. At the time of his will dated 30 March 1645, he refers to his dwelling house as "called by the name of ye sign ye Beare". It was described as being "in ye Burrough of yeavel", although whether this meant the Borough (being part of High Street) or simply the town of Yeovil is not clear.

Christopher Allembridge the elder died in 1645 and his son Christopher Allembridge the younger took on the premises and is recorded in a deed of 1659 (see below). By 1694 Christopher the younger was deceased and succeeded by his son, Christopher Allembridge III "Son & Heire of sd. Chris: Allambridge deced."

Nothing else is known.




1645 In his will of 30 March 1645 Christopher Allembridge the elder recorded that his dwelling house was "called by the name of ye sign ye Beare".


24 Febry. 1659 - Feoffmt between James Earl of Northampton, Thomas Newton Esq.,& Tho. Newton Gent. of the one part & Christopher Allambrige Grocer & Maximilian Bard & Thomas Bard Grocers of the other. The sd. Newtons by the appointmt. of the Earl & Nomination of Allembridge Did Grant to Maximilian and Thomas Bard a messuage  called the Bear Inn with the appurts. situate in Yeovill in the County of Somerset and also five acres of land lying in the Comon Fields of Yeovill. To hold to Maximilian and Thomas Bard & their Heirs in Trust for Allambridge in fee. In this Grant is excepted a lease made by Earl Spencer of the Manr. of Yeovill to Sr. Edmd. Pye for 99 years which was then vested in John Howel & Geo Goodman Esqrs. who were to grant their Term in sd. Messuage &c. to Allambridge, and there is also an Exception of such Right of Interest which Allambridge had in sd. Messuage &c. by Copy of Court Roll.


10 Febry. 1682 - to Henry Lavor, Elias Barns & Thomas Goodfare


25 March 1685 - to Thomas Gibbens Clerk


5 May 1690 - Frances Gibbens executrix to Jeremiah Grey Esq.


Yeovil - 'The Beare' 1691  (SDNQ 10.301 'Old Inn Signs in Somerset & Dorset' - PRO & Somerset House)


22 April 1694 - Chris: Allambridge Son & Heire of sd. Chris: Allambridge deced. of 1st part, P Barns, Goodfare & Taylor of the 2nd, Grey of the 3rd... to George Cox Gent & John Kitson

23 & 24 April 1694 - Lease & Release - Allambridge etc. to George Cox


To the Bear Inn in Yeovill & five acres of meadow. "Abstract of Revd. Mr. Tucker's "Title to Lands in Somersetshire with Count Vernon's Opinion, 1746")