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Adolphus Linnett

Solicitor's Clerk


Born in Yeovil in the summer of 1855, Adolphus Linnett was the eldest of the six children of domestic gardener William Linnett (1832-1881), originally from Kibworth, Leicestershire, and Emma née Hodder (1832-1903) a dressmaker of Yeovil. William had moved to Yeovil in his early twenties and married Emma at St John's church in July 1854.

Their children, all born in Yeovil, were Adolphus, Emma (1857-1868), Henry William (1862-1864), Annie (b1866), Louisa (1868-1932) and Arthur Lydiatt (1870-1902).

William and Emma, together with their family, lived in Wellington Street, and Adolphus was undoubtedly born here. The 1871 census recorded the family in Wellington Street. William gave his occupation as a domestic gardener, Emma gave hers as a dress maker and 15-year-old Adolphus was listed as a solicitor's general clerk.

In the late summer of 1880, at Taunton, Adolphus married Esther Griffin Edmonds (1852-1940), the fourth of the six children of Edmond Robert Johns Edmonds (1816-1878) and Mary Ann née Mead (1819-1891). Adolphus and Esther were to have four daughters; Frances Gertrude (1883-1973), Laura Adeline (1884-1964), Hilda Mary (1886-1955) and Winifred Kate (1888-1973).

In the 1891 census, Adolphus was listed at his home Sunny Bank, Sherborne Road, with his four daughters (Esther was visiting in Wellington on the night of the census), together with his mother-in-law Mary Ann Edmonds, and his sister-in-law Annie Edmonds. 35-year-old Adolphus gave his occupation as a solicitor's clerk. (Coincidentally, he was living next door to artist and photographer William Sherrell, although the photograph of him here is by John Chaffin & Sons of Hendford).

The 1901 census listed Adolphus, Esther and their four daughters at the house on Sherborne Road, as did the 1911 census - although by that time school teacher Frances was the only daughter still living at home.

Adolphus Linnett died in Yeovil on 15 June 1912. He was 57 years old. Esther died in Yeovil during 1940, aged 87.




Adolphus Linnett, photographed by John Chaffin & Sons in late 1879, when he was 24, and produced as a carte de visite (dated from the back design).


Wellington Street with the National Day School in Huish at the end. Photographed in 1957. The Linnett family lived here for decades and Adolphus was almost certainly born here.


The house on Sherborne Road where Adolphus spent his entire married life.