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porter black's



Porter Black's was a relatively short-lived Irish theme pub that opened around 1995 and closed in 2006. It was later a Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant and then a short-lived Greek restaurant.

The large three-storey corner building in the Triangle was erected for the Co-operative Society as offices and retail space in 1910 and has been occupied by many businesses during the years. It has remained largely unaltered externally, other than cosmetic appearance, with the exception that the original decorative structures surmounting the parapet were removed during the 1990s. These originally contained the emblems of the Co-operative Society.




Dating to about 1912, this is probably one of the earliest photographs of the building. This sepia toned postcard shows the newly-opened Co-operative building, later Porter Black's, with the Coronation Hotel at right. Note also the absence of the underground toilets in the Triangle.


A 1928 aerial view of the Triangle with the old Co-op building - Porter Black's - at dead centre. At far left is Stars Lane with the old Palace Theatre (Yeovil's first cinema). Running to the top of the picture at left is South Street and running to top right is Middle Street with the entrance to Vicarage Street at centre left. The large building facing the Triangle is the Coronation Hotel and, finally, in the centre of the Triangle are the famous underground toilets.


This postcard shows the building, at centre left, that housed Porter Black’s during the 1930’s. The building was erected for the Co-operative Society in 1910 and was occupied by many businesses during the years. It is currently a Chinese restaurant. At right is the large building that was the Coronation Hotel, itself built on the site of the Blue Ball Inn.


This aerial photograph of the Triangle dates to 1988. The Duke of Clarence is the white building at centre left. The left half of the large building at bottom left is now Modello while the old Porter Black building, originally the Co-op offices, stands left of centre facing the Triangle with the start of South Street to its left and Middle Street, running from top centre to bottom centre, to its right. At top right is the recently-constructed Quedam shopping centre.


The building occupied by Carpetland in 1990 - note that the roofline decorative elements are present at this time.


Photographed around 2000 as Porter Black's Irish theme pub.


Porter Black, again photographed around 2000.


Photographed in 2012 as a Chinese restaurant.