Pen Mill Farm

Pen Mill Farm

One of Yeovil's many farms


Pen Mill Farm consisted of several scattered fields (see map below) centred around Lyde Lane (today's Lyde Road) in the area north of Pen Mill and between Sydling's Lane (today's Rosebery Avenue) to the northwest and the River Yeo to the east. The total acreage of the farm was around 100 acres.

At the time of the 1842 Tithe Map, almost all of the farm was owned by Captain William Prowse of Enham House, Southampton, Retired Captain RN, son of George Bragge Prowse of Kingston Manor House and Lord of the Manor of Kingston. (Parcel 969, Lyde Lane, was owned by George Mayo). The tenant of Pen Mill Farm, and also landlord of the Pen Mill Inn, was Thomas Frost.

Thomas Frost died in June 1851 and subsequently the farm's livestock and equipment were auctioned off. Frost was succeeded by John Stone as both tenant of Pen Mill Farm and the landlord of Pen Mill Inn.

Charles Andrews took the lease of Pen Mill Hotel [sic] and Pen Mill Farm for 7 years from 1868 at £260.

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Based on the 1842 Tithe Map, the fields of Pen Mill Farm are shown in green.


Parcels of Pen MIll Farm at 1842





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That part of the building at left, the original cider house and later Pen Mill Inn, had been semi-buried like this for a hundred years! The right-hand part was the farmhouse of Pen Mill Farm - certainly during the 1840s, when Thomas Frost was the farmer of the farm and also the licensee of the Pen Mill Inn.