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to Yeovil's Virtual Museum

Yeovil HistoryWelcome to Yeovil's Virtual Museum. This is a work in progress - unfunded, free to use, with no ads - and updated almost daily, to record much of the history of Yeovil, Somerset, England. It uses internet technology to embed links within each page to enable the reader to follow an infinite number of threads to suit their interest.

Viewed in 137 countries with over 4,518,860 page views, this website currently contains more than 2,880 pages (equivalent to over 14,500 A4 printed pages) including over 13,570 images.

The 'Themes' in the various navigation bars gather pages into themes while the 'A-to-Z' links lead to listing pages starting with each letter, plus some special features accessed from this page.




THE History of Yeovil

Yeovil History

Also included in this website, separate from the A-to-Z listings, is a series of essays outlining the History of Yeovil through time. Click here to read..


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Yeovil History

Yeovil History

Yeovil History

Yeovil History

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