Minor theme - Yeovil pEOPLE Data



 Gathered information for individuals prior to 1837


The idea of this Minor Theme is to group together as much information as possible on Yeovil people prior to the year 1837, in addition to the 350+ pages on individuals already in this website. New information will be added as it becomes available.

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  • Clicking a letter above will take you to the page for individuals whose surname starts with that letter.

  • Bear in mind that these are transcriptions and transcribers can make errors - always check original documents for absolute accuracy.

  • When searching remember that spellings were somewhat cavalier compared with today, so always try alternative spellings - for example 'DIX' and 'DICKS', etc.

  • If in doubt, search on part of the name. For example a search for 'LEVER' will find entries for LEVERIDGE, LEVEREDGE, LEVERAGE, etc.


    • for a list of people with their own pages in this website click here

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