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Fields and Fieldnames

What field was your house built on?


and is an ongoing project to last several years.


OK, so not necessarily fields as some are parcels of land containing dwellings. The Yeovil Tithe Map of 1842 shows over 1,300 parcels and the Yeovil Tithe Apportionment of 1846 lists and describes 944 of them. The Preston Plucknett Tithe Map of 1849 shows 194 parcels and the Preston Plucknett Tithe Apportionment of 1848 lists and describes all 194.

Note 1: Throughout the Fields Minor Theme the field area abbreviations used in the Tithe Apportionments such as 4a 1r 15p - for an explanation of land measurements click here.

Note 2: The highlighted parcel names below have their own pages and clicking the highlighted name will jump to that parcel's page, be it a field, building, etc.

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I've arbitrarily split Yeovil into several different areas simply to allow me to create maps of a suitable size to fit the individual web pages. Below left are listed the above areas with their respective fields while below right is an alphabetical list of all of Yeovil's fields.



This area is bounded by Tintinhull Road to much of the west, Thorne Lane to the south and Vagg Lane and un-named lane to the east

  • Churchill

  • Corner Plot

  • Five Acres

  • Gore

  • Great Broad Leaze

  • Great Cowleaze

  • Great Pauley

  • Great Rookwell

  • Great Salmons

  • Hill, The

  • Home Close

  • House Orchard

  • Kitchen Mead

  • Little Broad Leaze

  • Little Cowleaze

  • Little Pauley

  • Little Rookwell

  • Little Salmons

  • Long Mead

  • Lower Sleight

  • Monk's Mead

  • Oakley Eight Acres

  • Oakley Nine Acres

  • Parks

  • Pig Barton Orchard

  • Salmon's Mead

  • Six Acres

  • Twelve Acres

  • Windmill Head

  • Young Orchard


This area is bounded by Chilthorne Domer parish to the north, Yeovil Marsh to the east, Coppitts to the south and Vagg to the west.


This area is bounded to the north and east by Chilthorne Domer, Limington and Mudford and to the south by Yeovil Marsh village.


This area is bounded by on the north by an old lane (now a track), to the west by the en-named lane between Vagg and Larkhill, to the south by Tintinhull Road and to the east by Coppitts Hill Lane.

  • Conagre

  • Conagre Mead

  • Coppett Hill (1)

  • Coppett Hill (2)

  • Coppett Hill (3)

  • Copse Ground

  • Daniell's Close

  • Dyer's Hill

  • Great Conagre

  • Great Rodgrove

  • Green Close

  • Hawker's Mead

  • Higher Close

  • Higher Coppett Hill

  • Higher Rodgrove

  • Hunt's Coppett Hill

  • Hunt's Orchard

  • Little Conagre (1)

  • Little Conagre (2)

  • Little Fields

  • Lower Rodgrove

  • Madcroft

  • Parks Leaze

  • Rick Close

  • Rodgrove (1)

  • Rodgrove (2)

  • Six Acre Mead

  • Sticke Furlong

  • Vagg Copse

  • Vagg Hollow

  • Wall Close

  • White Fold


This area is being re-organised


This area is bounded by Combe Street Lane to the south, the old Ilchester Road to the west and the detached part of the Parish of Preston Plucknett, known as Preston in Stone to the east.


This area is actually a detached part of the Parish of Preston Plucknett, known as Preston in Stone.

Preston (North)

This area is bounded by Thorne Lane (north), Larkhill (east), Preston Road (south) and the Borough boundary (west).


This area is bounded by Larkhill Road (west), Thorne Lane (north), Ilchester Road (east) and Stiby Road (south).



This area is bounded by Larkhill Road (west), Stiby Road (north), Ilchester Road (east) and Preston Road (south).



This triangular area is bounded by Ilchester Road (east), Combe Street Lane (north) and Mudford Road (east).



This area is bounded by Mudford Road (west and north), St Michaels Avenue (east) and Milford Road (south).

  • Barn Close

  • Beacon

  • Brickyard

  • Brickyard Lane

  • Bullslough

  • Coggan's Orchard

  • Collins's

  • Furze Hedge

  • Goldspitt

  • Green Cross

  • Higher Goldspitt

  • Higher Milford

  • Higher Roping Path

  • Holloways

  • Little Goldspitt

  • Lower Beacon

  • Lower Goldspitt

  • Lower Milford

  • Lower Roping Path

  • Milford Cross

  • Old Nursery

  • Plantation

  • Plot

  • Roping Path

  • Seager's Nursery

  • Willetts

  • Williams Close


Bucklers Mead

This area is bounded by St Michael's Avenue (west), Mudford parish (north) and Lyde Gurl (east and south).



This area is bounded by Borough boundary (north), River Yeo (east) and the former course of Lyde Brook to the south and west.


New Town

This area is bounded by Goldcroft (east), Milford Road (north), St Michael's Avenue (east), Sherborne Road (south)

Goar Knap

This area is bounded by St Michael's Avenue, St John's Road and Lyde Road

Lower Lyde

This area is bounded by Lyde Gurl to the north, the River Yeo to the east, Lyde Lane to the south and Oxford Road to the west.



This area is bounded by Sherborne Road (southwest), Lyde Road (northwest), Vale Road and Lyde Lane (northeast) and the River Yeo (southeast).


Preston (South)

This area is bounded by Preston Road (north), Watercombe Lane (east), Borough boundary (west).  unfinished

  • Eight Acres

  • Grace Lay

  • Great Clover

  • Great Orchard

  • Haceraine Orchard

  • Higher Lessiter

  • Higher Manson

  • King's Head Acres

  • Long Manson

  • Manson Field

  • Payne's Close

  • Sicily Bush

  • Watts' Close

Preston (East)

This area, essentially the whole of the old Preston Lower Farm, is bounded by Preston Road (north), Watercombe Lane (west), Dodham Brook (south) and Dodham Tributary (east).



This area is bounded by

  • Anstice's Close

  • Anstice's Mead

  • Clover Field

  • Cockey's Mead

  • Cookson's Orchard

  • Daniell's Close

  • Doctor's Meadow

  • Dry Close

  • Everton's Mead

  • Francis Close

  • Furlong

  • Higher Blacklands

  • Higher New Close

  • Higher Northover

  • Higher Preston Close

  • Lower New Close

  • Long Mead

  • Lower Blacklands

  • Lower Northover

  • Lower Preston Close

  • Middle Field

  • Middle Northover

  • Parson's Close

  • Rodber's Close

  • Sherry's Mead (1)

  • Shortland's Mead

  • Symonds' Mead

  • Watercombe


This area is bounded on the north by Preston Road, the east by Kingston and Princes Street, to the southeast by Hendford, the southwest by Horsey Lane and Beer Street and in the northeast by Preston Plucknett.



  • Cheeseman's Close

  • Cocklands

  • Higher Bulls Close

  • Home Field

  • Kingston Orchard

  • Pound Close



This area is bounded by today's Sherborne Road (north and east), Newton Road (west) and the River Yeo (south).

Yew Tree

This area is bounded by West Coker Road (south) and Dodham Brook (north) an arbitrary line between the two (east) and the Parish of Brympton (west).

  • Bain's Marsh

  • Barn Close

  • Broad Leaze

  • Bullock's Copse

  • Carey's Hill  *

  • Dodge's Hill

  • Furze Naps

  • Great Elsons

  • Great Lincombe

  • Higher Carey's Hill

  • Home Field

  • Little Bain's Marsh

  • Little Hills

  • Little Leaze

  • Long Close

  • Middle Hills

  • Mount Pleasant

  • Plantation (1)

  • Plantation (2)

  • Plantation (3)

  • Summerleaze

  • Orchard, The

  • Wiseman's Close


This area is bounded by


This triangular-shaped area is bounded by West Coker Road (north), the Dorchester Road (east) and Turner's Barn Lane and Placket Lane (south).


This area is bounded by Hendford Hill and Dorchester Road (west), Dodham Brook (north) and its tributary the Ninesprings Brook (east) and Barwick Parish (south).



This area is bounded by Dodham Brook to the north, the River Yeo to the east and Brympton parish to the south and west.


Today this area lies in East Coker parish.

Alphabetical list of names




Medieval Sub-Fields of the Middle Field of Kingston Manor



Medieval Sub-Fields of the East Field of Kingston Manor




From my collection

It wasn't all that long ago that there were more fields than houses in Yeovil.

This postcard dates to about 1905 and shows, at centre, the chimney of the Eastland Road brickworks with its associated buildings clustered around its base. To its left is the leather works built by William Bide (recogniseable by the double roof with a row of six black windows). Running along the bottom of the photograph is Station Road with the Alexandra Hotel at bottom right. In the top half of the photo, Eastland Road runs behind the chimney with fields either side!!!